Doctor Who: 'Let's Kill Hitler' Preview Clips & Pics

Doctor Who - Let's Kill Hitler

The long-awaited returned of Doctor Who will soon be upon us, and BBC has released two preview clips and five pictures from the episode. We now know exactly what the Doctor will be up against – and it’s not just Hitler.

It has been hinted that the August 27 return episode, entitled “Let’s Kill Hitler”, will place The Doctor face to face with the “greatest war criminal in the Universe. And Hitler.” Finally, after much speculation, the identities of these alien invaders have been revealed – along with their altruistic motives.

Given the name of Teselecta, the intent of these appropriately-titled aliens is to travel through time and space in order to right the wrongs of the past. While their intentions sound noble, anyone that has seen Time Cop (or, you know, Doctor Who) will certainly understand the ramifications of impacting time in such a way.

In the two clips below we first witness the meeting of Hitler and the Doctor (with an unknown resident of the '30s accompanying them), and then it’s on to some interesting revelations regarding the Teselecta and where they “live”.

You can see the Doctor meeting Hitler for the first time below:


With the Universe’s protector meeting up with one of the Earth’s most destructive inhabitants, there’s no doubt that some interesting scenes will be taking place. One must also add in the fact that the Doctor will need to protect Hitler from the Teselecta. If anything, this episode will surely provide those watching with some interesting character moments, in which the Doctor must maintain the course of history while also dealing with the emotional fallout from Amy and Rory simply wanting to, as the title says, kill Hitler.

It is now time to introduce the Teselecta:

While their electro-tentacle appearance certainly is interesting, one must note that Rory and Amy being shrunk and inserted into a robot Amy certainly adds a level of… "What?!" Even though the Doctor Who season 6 cliffhangers revealed River Song’s true identity and the villain of this season, I don’t believe a robot Amy has been revealed.

One might appropriately assume the so-called robot Amy may be one of the many faux avatars that melt away upon being recognized, but there was never any type of electrical elements hinted at before. On top of that, there weren’t any Teselecta running around the place.

Fortunately, there is only one week left before all will be revealed. So while certain elements in these preview pics and clips will certainly be the focus of discussion amongst the fans, at least the summer hiatus is over - and answers will soon be coming.

You can view the photo gallery from “Let’s Kill Hitler” below:

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Doctor Who returns Saturday August 27 on BBC and BBC America

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