Doctor Who 'Knock Knock' Clip: Bill's Caught in a Haunted House

Doctor Who is set to get creepy in next week's episode, 'Knock Knock', which finds the Doctor and his companion Bill attempting to unravel the secrets of a classic haunted house. Since jumping aboard the TARDIS, Bill has released the watery spirit of a former crush, help prevent the destruction of a future Earth colony from an army of Emoji robots and freed a gigantic monster from captivity in the River Thames.

The current tenth season since the show regenerated back in 2005 is confirmed to be both Peter Capaldi and showrunner Steven Moffat's final term on Doctor Who and there are rumors that incoming showrunner, Chris Chibnall will also drop Bill, starting his tenure with a fresh slate. Before then, there is much to cover however, such as the return of The Master(s), the contents of the mysterious vault and of course, a regeneration scene.

But before all that however, there is next week's offering, 'Knock Knock' and a new preview clip from the episode promises some old-school horror action. The video sees Bill and one of her new housemates attempt to appease a friend who has stormed to their bedroom in a huff. Suddenly, the episode lives up to its name, as a cacophony of knocks rain down on the duo from all over the creepy, old building. Bill wisely suggests calling The Doctor.

Modern Doctor Who is renowned for including at least one 'scary' episode per run. Episodes such as the Weeping Angel-led 'Blink' and season eight's 'Listen' provided a mixture of genuine frights and great storytelling and will be remembered as some the best material new-Who has to offer. On the other hand, last season's attempt to get kids watching from behind the sofa, 'Sleep No More', fell somewhat flat. It'll be interesting to see which side 'Knock Knock' falls on.

The three episodes of Doctor Who that have aired thus far this season have been met with a largely positive reception, as has the Doctor's new companion, Bill. The character is far more grounded than Moffat's other creations and is reminiscent of Rose Tyler from the days of the Ninth and Tenth Doctor. If 'Knock Knock' hits the right notes, Capaldi's final season may well be shaping up as his best yet.

With that said, it's impossible not to feel as if the Twelfth Doctor's regeneration is arriving somewhat early. Reportedly, Capaldi was asked to stay on the show by BBC producers but turned down the offer. And yet, he remains utterly compelling in the role and the addition of a new companion has allowed new shades of his Doctor to emerge. Certainly, many fans will feel that another season of Capaldi and Mackie would be very much welcome after the current run.

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Doctor Who continues with 'Knock Knock' May 6th on BBC and BBC America.

Source: BBC

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