Doctor Who Alum Posts Selfie with TARDIS, Fans Call For Her Return

Karen Gillan on Doctor Who

Karen Gillan excites Doctor Who fans who hope she'll return to the series by posting a selfie with a TARDIS in New York City. Gillan played the Doctor's fiery, Scottish companion Amy (Amelia) Pond, beginning in 2010 when Matt Smith entered as the eleventh Doctor, and Steven Moffat took over as showrunner. The seasons that followed are often credited with bringing younger generations into the fandom through more fantasy-driven story lines and universally accessible premises like vampires, pirates, and nefarious secret societies. Gillan was a series regular through to 2012, before going on to star in Guardians of The Galaxy.

Amy, affectionately known as the Girl Who Waited, was the Doctor's main companion and closest confidant of her era. As the newly-regenerated Doctor crashes into her backyard, a seven-year-old Amy discovers him in the TARDIS. After they bond over fish-fingers and custard, he promises to return to her after he repairs the TARDIS, but accidentally re-materializes 12 years later. Amy and eventually her husband Rory Williams become the Doctor's full-time companions, and are revealed to be parents of River Song, a time-travelling archaeologist that the Doctor shared a doomed romance with. The episode "The Angel's Take Manhattan," in which an inconsolable Amy leaves Doctor for good to be with Rory, who was ensnared by the Weeping Angels, is remembered as one of the most heartbreaking moments in the series' modern history.

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Six years later, the star is still giving Doctor Who fans love, capturing herself with what is presumably a promotional TARDIS for the currently-airing season, starring Jodie Whittaker. Her nearly 2 millions followers are evidently elated by the post's caption. Check out the image below:

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He's *she's come for me in New York!!!

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While there's no word on her return, "He's *she's come for me in New York!!!" suggests that at the very least, Gillan is open to the idea. While the series current showrunner Chris Chibnall has been adamant about fixing viewer fatigue problems, the new season may be making room for classic characters including Amy's daughter River. Meanwhile, Gillan is starring alongside Will Smith and Tom Holland in Blue Sky Studios' new animated espionage adventure, Spies In Disguise, which just released its first trailer today.

Bringing Amy back would be tricky, but no where close to the first plot hole that the show has written its way out of. She last appeared in "The Time of The Doctor" to bid farewell to Smith's Doctor before he regenerated into Peter Capaldi's Twelfth. While it's clear that only he can see Amy, it's not clear if she's a hallucination conjured out of his eminent demise, or if she's appearing to him in some other non-corporeal form. While the Weeping Angels' victims are trapped in an inaccessible, fixed timeline, the nature of their prison is fairly vague. Amy's journal left to Doctor revealed that she and Rory lived out their days peacefully after being trapped, but she also wouldn't be the first fan favorite to return in some other form more than once.

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