Doctor Who: How To Dress Like The 13th Doctor

Jodie Whittaker as the Doctor in Doctor Who

The 13th Doctor's new look has been unveiled, and it's been met with a mix of praise and envy. Jodie Whittaker's Doctor pays homage to several of her predecessors in her quirky, fun, and practical outfit, and has people across the globe clamoring to find a rainbow top of some description before Doctor Who returns to our screens.

So, how do you recreate her ensemble yourself? Don't worry - we're at hand to track down the items so that, while you might not be the next Doctor, you can at least dress like her. Take a look below.

The Coat

Whittaker has opted for a long, hooded trenchcoat in beige, with a darker lining and rainbow trim. While that's pretty difficult to locate, River Island do a pretty neat beige trenchcoat with wide lapels (above), while Yumi have a shorter version with a navy lining. The coat is reminiscent of David Tennant's Doctor, although his was a darker brown.

The Top

We all really love the Doctor's new top, which pays homage to the colors of fourth Doctor, Tom Baker's, scarf. We've searched high and low, and the closest replica we can come up with is a stripey t-shirt from Boden, and this jumper, above, from Urban Outfitters. Neither has the low-cut neck, unfortunately.

The Suspenders

The Doctor's mustard colored suspenders make her outfit complete, and give a nice nod to Matt Smith's Doctor, too. We found these on Amazon and they're perfect, but hurry, as they're selling fast!

The Pants

These cropped, wide-legged pants are to die for, and thankfully this style is quite widely available in a variety of colors. You could go for these, from Forever 21, and Zara also do a great pair, pictured above.

The Socks

The socks and boots combo is going to become iconic, and while you could just buy any pair of bright blue socks, these TARDIS themed ones from Etsy are just what the Doctor ordered.

The Boots

The Doctor's boots are again a nod to Matt Smith, and pitch her as ready for action. Head to Amazon for a whole range of similar offerings, but we really love this pair.

While it might be some time before Whittaker arrives on our screens in her own season, Doctor Who will return to BBC One and BBC America this Christmas, for Peter Capaldi's final scenes (and regeneration).

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Doctor Who season 11 will arrive in 2018.

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