Doctor Who: Bradley Walsh Rumored For Jodie Whittaker's Companion


With Doctor 13 firmly in place, thoughts quickly began to turn towards potential companions. Would a female Doctor result in a male companion - switching up the traditional gender roles of the TARDIS - or would viewers be getting an all-girl line-up in season 11. There was speculation that John Barrowman would reprise his Captain Jack Harkness character and with previous companions Bill and Clara still somewhere out there in time and space, there remained the possibility of a familiar face standing beside Jodie Whitaker come the season 11 premiere.

However, reports from The Mirror are suggesting that the coveted role of the Doctor's new assistant will be going to none other than Bradley Walsh. Although Walsh may not be too familiar to international audiences, the actor and presenter is a household name in Britain thanks to roles in Coronation Street and his presenting gig on popular game show, The Chase. Walsh previously worked with new Doctor Who showrunner Chris Chibnall on Law and Order UK and will reportedly juggle his companion duties with his presenting work.

Bradley Walsh would certainly be considered an unconventional choice for a Doctor Who companion given that he's currently known primarily as a game show host. However, those who are familiar with his work know that Walsh has a strong comedic background and an irresistible everyman charm that can endear him to any audience. Bradley offers far more than just comic relief too, as his eight seasons on Law and Order demonstrate strong dramatic chops.

Since Bradley Walsh is about as far from the likes of Amy Pond and Clara Oswald as it's possible to get, some Doctor Who fans may be skeptical about his possible casting but it's worth remembering that back in 2005, similar misgivings were held over Billie Piper. Piper was mostly known as a former popstar at the time of her casting but her character of Rose Tyler quickly won over even the most die-hard Doctor Who fan. If it proves to be true, Walsh's casting could be just as inspired.


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Doctor Who season 11 is expected to premiere in 2018 on BBC.

Source: The Mirror

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