Watch Jodie Whittaker Geek Out About Her Doctor Who Casting

Jodie Whittaker in Doctor Who and the TARDIS Exploding

Jodie Whittaker cannot contain her excitement in being cast as the 13th regeneration of the Time Lord in her first live broadcast interview since nabbing the coveted role as the lead of Doctor Who. The actress will take over the gig from outgoing time-traveling character Peter Capaldi after his brilliant run for three seasons which will end later this year during the series' 2017 Christmas Special.

Doctor Who fans have finally gotten what they wanted for a very long time when the first female time-traveling Doctor was announced for the upcoming 11th season of the cult British series. While some are still skeptical and unwelcoming about the gender change-up, a majority of the viewing pubic sees the shakeup as keeping up with the modern times, as well as, breathing new life to the long-running TV show.

Talking to BBC 6 Music in her first broadcast interview which a snippet of was posted on Doctor Who's official Facebook page, Whittaker has candidly revealed that although she was able to talk to previous actors who played the iconic role, she wants to have her own take on the character and infuse her unique charm into it:

"I've spoken to a few and I think the overwhelming sense of this is such an exciting journey that you're about to go on, and just, and it's to be enjoyed. You know, I think that's it and it's just, you know they know I don't know yet, and I think that's the... There's not advice you can give 'cause it's the best thing. No person plays this part the same and what a freeing thing for day one."

The actress has continued to geek out recalling the moments leading up to the reveal via a the very thrilling Wimbeldon Men's Finals ad on BBC 1 that featured her walking towards the TARDIS with a hoodie jacket on until she pulls it down and gets revealed to the world:

"When my day one is on set, they'll be like okay! I get excited by the thing of that I knew it were me under the hood! I knew! I were one of the four people that knew and I were like 'oh God! Look at me, I'm walking towards the TARDIS."

Whittaker was a last minute addition to the roster of name said to be taking over the mantle from Capaldi before the announcement was made. Prior to her name being thrown in the mix Jenna Colman, Kris Marshall, Tilda Swinton and Phoebe Waller-Bridge were all reported to being considered for the much-coveted role.

The arrival of the first female Time Lord also coincides the transitional period happening behind the camera as long-time series' showrunner Steven Moffat is also handling the TARDIS keys to his successor, Chris Chinball. Moffat was the main proponent in casting both Capaldi and his predecessor, Matt Smith, and while he was mum about the character shakeup that Doctor Who is rolling out for season 11, he belatedly admitted that he knew that the switch was coming although he was not involved in the casting process. The upcoming installment of the show reunites Chinball and Whittaker who both worked in Broadchurch.

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