Doctor Who: Jodie Whitaker Meets Wife River Song at SDCC

The official BBC Doctor Who Twitter account recently shared a delightful picture of the new Doctor (Jodie Whitaker) and franchise favorite River Song (Alex Kingston) together at SDCC 2018. The photo was met with an overwhelmingly positive reaction from fans who have come to love River Song over the course of the past several seasons.

Doctor Who introduced River Song during David Tennant’s run as the Tenth Doctor in the episode "Silence in the Library". Fans immediately fell in love with her character, and her cheeky brand of humor and confidence left audiences wanting more.  After her first appearance, River Song has co-starred with every iteration of the Doctor. During Matt Smith’s run, Song was an integral part of Series 5 and 6. In the episode "A Good Man Goes to War", the show finally revealed that Song is/was the Doctor’s wife, part Time Lord and the daughter of the Doctor’s companions, Amy and Rory. Song’s last appearance on Doctor Who was during the Christmas Special "The Husbands of River Song", where she met Peter Capaldi’s version of the Doctor. This episode was set right before the events that brought River into the franchise and seemingly brought her story to a close.

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River Song’s deep ties to the franchise make the photo released on the official Doctor Who Twitter account very exciting. Jodie Whitaker’s new iteration of the Doctor has not made her proper debut yet; however, the photo of Whitaker alongside a franchise veteran like Kingston is yet another way to help fans visualize the new Doctor’s place within the long-running series. The photo also has fans clamoring for the two to meet onscreen during upcoming seasons.

Though Doctor Who has essentially wrapped up River Song's story, fans are still hopeful she will appear in future episodes. Since Doctor Who deals primarily with time travel, her timeline on the show isn't exactly linear. At any point, Song could easily pop in to any era without much explanation. Bearing that in mind, Song - as well as several other past characters - could certainly meet Whitaker's Doctor at some point.

Jodie Whitaker’s iteration of the Doctor marks the first female version of the character; however, the Doctor’s gender would likely have no impact on her relationship with River. Doctor Who has already established the idea of gender fluidity among Time Lords. Beyond that, the two would likely mesh well together on screen. It would also help welcome the new Doctor into the show’s established lore in an earnest way.

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Doctor Who season 11 premieres this fall on BBC and BBC America.

Source: Doctor Who/Twitter

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