Doctor Who Infinity Will Also Include the Tenth Doctor

Doctor Who Infinity Tenth Doctor Rose Tyler

Tiny Rebel Games - the publisher of the upcoming Doctor Who-themed puzzle-game Doctor Who Infinity - has confirmed that the third chapter of the highly anticipated follow-up to Doctor Who: Legacy will star the Tenth Doctor. The story, entitled The Lady of the Lake, will also include Rose Tyler, who acted as the Tenth Doctor's companion during season 2.

First airing in 1963, Doctor Who is the longest-running science fiction television series in history. The series focuses upon the continuing adventures of the Doctor - a time-traveling, continually regenerating alien, who tries to protect the universe from various evils. A cultural phenomena in its native England, the show found a new popularity worldwide following a revival in 2005. Since then, the series has become a multimedia sensation, with the Doctor's adventures being depicted in comic books, novels, audio plays and video games.

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Doctor Who Infinity continues this long tradition, with Tiny Rebel Games bringing in creators who worked on Doctor Who in other mediums to develop the game. The Lady of the Lake, for instance, features a story by popular Doctor Who writer Scott Handcock, with artwork by Neil Edwards and color art by John-Paul Bove and Dylan Teague - all three of whom are experienced artists, who have previously worked on the Doctor Who comics.

Tiny Rebel Games has also assembled a cast of top-notch voice-actors. Sadly, David Tennant and Billie Piper - who played the Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler, respectively - were apparently unable to return to lend their voices to this project. The Lady of the Lake will, however, feature the vocal talents of Katy Manning, who is beloved to fans of the classic Doctor Who series for her portrayals of Third Doctor companion Jo Grant and Iris Wildthyme - a mysterious time-traveler who crossed paths with the Doctor in several Doctor Who novels and audio dramas.

Manning will also lend her voice to the second chapter of Doctor Who Infinity, in a story entitled The Orphans of the Polyoptra. This story will see the Doctor drawn once more into the conflict between two alien races - the ant-like Zarbi and the butterfly-like Menoptera. This episode of the game will see Manning reprising her Jo Grant role, as well as voicing the main villain. This second chapter was written by Gary Russell, with artwork by David Roach and Dylan Teague.

Fans of Game of Thrones may want to download Doctor Who Infinity purely for the sake of its first episode, The Dalek Invasion of Time, which will feature Bella Ramsey (who plays Lyanna Mormont) in a prominent role. The game will also feature Michelle Gomez reprising the role of the sinister Time Lady called Missy and Ingrid Oliver as UNIT scientist Osgood. This first episode was written by Doctor Who writer George Mann, with art by Mike Collins and Kris Carter.

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Doctor Who Infinity will be available for download on Steam in August 2018.

Source: Tiny Rebel Games

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