Doctor Who is Getting An Episodic Story Game

Peter Capaldi in Doctor Who Season 10 Episode 8

Doctor Who is getting an episodic story game titled Doctor Who Infinity and is set to be released worldwide in the spring of 2018. It is being developed in close collaboration with Seed Studio along with a broad team of UK-based talent including well-known Doctor Who actors, writers, and artists. Doctor Who Infinity is a follow-up to the puzzle gameplay of  Doctor Who: Legacy, which is said to be highly addictive. Infinity will immerse players in comic book style puzzle adventures, in which each story-based adventure will have its own unique art style and author. To execute this idea, Infinity game developers Tiny Rebel Games has brought on the team of writers who penned the Doctor Who TV series, as well as UK-based comic book artists to illustrate the stories.

Doctor Who is a British science-fiction TV Series produced by BBC, that follows the adventures of a Time Lord who explores the universe, while battling various baddies and saving civilizations. Doctor Who has been a British pop culture mainstay since 1963 and has had many actors play the titular character - similar to fellow British icon James Bond. Due to its popularity, Doctor Who has transcended its standing as a television program and has a presence in other mediums to help satisfy the cravings of fans, which is why games based on the property have been a big hit. After the success of Legacy, it's no surprise a follow-up is coming through the pipeline.

In a press release announcing Infinity, Tiny Rebel Games executive producer Susan Cummings expressed that she's beyond excited to be making a follow-up to the award-winning gameplay of Legacy. You can also check out cover art for the game in the space below.

"As Executive Producer on Doctor Who Infinity, it has been an incredible delight to be able to pull together such extraordinarily talented people to realize our ambitions for this new game.  I am continually humbled by the quality of work they are doing and I think Doctor Who fans everywhere are going to be amazed with how we have taken everything we have learned from making the award-winning gameplay of Doctor Who: Legacy and brought it to the next level in every way imaginable."

In the official press release of Infinity, it is mentioned that Doctor Who: Legacy, quickly became one of most popular Doctor Who games of all time with over 2.5 million players and broadly spans the history of Doctor Who with every Doctor, hundreds of allies, companions, and monsters and includes extended universe content from Big Finish, Titan Comics, and BBC Books.  Still popular four years later, the game continues to add new content weekly and is well over 120 hours of gameplay.

Doctor Who Infinity is set for a soft launch in spring 2018 and will be available on PC, iTunes, and Google Play. Hopefully it proves to be a worthy successor to Infinity and provides fans with endless entertainment as they wait for Jodie Whittaker's tenure as the Time Lord to begin when season 11 of the show premieres in late 2018.

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Source: Tiny Rebel Games

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