SR Pick: Every ‘Doctor Who’ Episode (1963-2011) in 10min [Video]

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With Doctor Who season 7 set to air later this year, the many (many) months of waiting for new episodes may be a bit much for Whovians to bear. Fortunately, YouTube user "BabelColour" has created the perfect compilation to help satisfy fans’ much-needed fix for the Doctor.

Spanning almost 50 years, Babelcolour’s tribute combines all of the available episodes of Doctor Who, from 1963-2011, into a single 10-minute video. The use of the word “available” refers to the fact that there are 106 episodes of Doctor Who missing from the BBC’s television archives.

Besides providing a wonderful platform for new Doctor Who fans to experience the series’ origins, it also serves as a visual episode guide, from which fans could highlight specific episodes to later watch in their entirety.

From William Hartnell’s introduction as the grumpy Doctor, to Colin Baker’s refusal to return for his final episode (to regenerate into Sylvester McCoy), to David Tennant's tearful good-bye, to Matt Smith’s most-recent Christmas tree adventure, the best (and perhaps worst) moments of one of the most famed series in the history of television are included.

You can watch the 10-minute video below:

While any Doctor Who fan will be happy to tell you (at length) why the series is so great, Babelcolour’s video helps put the series into perspective for those non-believers. On top of the wonderfully fantastical storytelling, it’s the legacy of Doctor Who that really makes more than just a simple science fiction television show.

For almost 50 years, generations upon generations (upon generations) of people from around the world have enjoyed the stories of a single man with a big blue box. And while it may have been the thought of traversing time and space that initially drew viewers to the series, it’s a simple question about the universe's most complex individual that kept them tuning in: Doctor who?

Perhaps it is a question that will answered in Doctor Who season 7.


Expect Doctor Who season 7 to premiere late 2012 on BBC and BBC America

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