Doctor Who: Freema Agyeman on Martha Return - 'Never Say Never'

Doctor Who alum Freema Agyeman says that she is certainly game to reprise her role on the show in the future. As the show moves forward with new Doctor actor Jodie Whittaker, it's possibly that Doctor Who will bring back beloved characters from previous seasons to interact with the Thirteenth Doctor, during their run.

One such character is Martha Jones, played by Freema Agyeman, who served as a companion to David Tennant's Doctor during season 3 of the modern Doctor Who. Though Agyeman hasn't worked on the show since 2010, the actress says she is open to a return down the line, should the offer present itself.

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Speaking with Radio Times, Agyeman talked about her time on the show as Martha Jones and her love for the character:

I had a really great time on the show, I really loved the character, it brings so many people so much joy. So never say never! I feel like there was more to explore with Martha, definitely, but I don’t know what form that would take.

The actress went on to say that a return to Doctor Who could happen "one day, maybe one day soon, maybe one day in 30 years time."

Agyeman's character on Doctor Who, Martha Jones, is remembered by fans for her adventures with the Tenth Doctor (David Tennant) and for being the first female black companion on the show. Jones evolved a great deal over the course of her time on the series, and went from a medical student to an operative for the paranormal military organization, UNIT. Like other female companions on the series, Jones eventually developed romantic feelings toward the Doctor. It was his failure to return her affections that led her to leave the TARDIS.

Martha Jones from Doctor Who

Though Jones was only companion for one season, the character did receive a prominent role in the final two episodes of season 4, and reappeared briefly in the 2010 special "End of Time" - in a scene where the Tenth Doctor looks in on his old friends, just prior to his regeneration. Aside from her appearances in Doctor Who, Agyeman played Jones in three episodes of Torchwood and voiced the character in several audiobooks from 2007 to 2008.

In the years since Agyeman's departure from Doctor Who, the actress has remained active in TV with roles in various British and American dramas, such as Law & Order: UK and The Carrie Diaries. More recently, Ageyman played Amanita "Neets" Caplan on the science-fiction Netflix series Sense8. Agyeman has been a part of that show's main cast since its first season in 2015.

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Doctor Who returns on December 25 with the Christmas special, "Twice Upon a Time".

Source: Radio Times

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