10 Reasons Why Doctor Who's Life is Better Than Yours

10 Reasons Why The Doctor's Life is Better Than Yours

If you could choose to trade lives with any character in the history of science fiction, who would it be? Before you spend too much time thinking about it, let me just stop you right there. If you didn't pick The Doctor from Doctor Who, well, I'm sorry to say that you're wrong.

As any Whovian will tell you, you can't get much cooler than The Doctor, and it doesn't matter which iteration of the character you're talking about, either. From the long-scarved 4th Doctor to the bow tie-wearing 11th Doctor, everyone's favorite Timelord has been a beacon of sci-fi awesomeness for 50 years.

Of course, it's not just the character of Doctor Who that is appealing, but the world in which he inhabits. While most of us go about our lives waiting in bleak hope for something fun to happen on the weekend (after we finish up that extra work from the office, of course), The Doctor is constantly on adventures throughout time and space.

Naturally, there would be downsides to switching lives with The Doctor. For instance, it probably doesn't feel too good to know that you're the last of your kind (and that you were responsible for killing the rest of your species). Nor would it be a laugh to stare down a Dalek or Weeping Angel. Nevertheless, I firmly believe that The Doctor's life is WAY better than most of ours, and to prove it, I put together a list.

Without further ado, here are the "10 Reasons Why The Doctor's Life is Better Than Yours."


The 11th Doctor Says Fezzes Are Cool

10. He looks great in a fez

With the notable exception of Sallah from Indiana Jones, nobody can pull off a fez like The Doctor. Even if River and Amy think it looks stupid, we all know that it's awesome and we secretly want to wear one. Unfortunately, wearing a fez to work (even on casual friday) is "disruptive to the office environment." Well screw you, Mr. Boss! I want to be like The Doctor!


9. He's got a Sonic Screwdriver

Plenty of guys love nothing more than to spend the day at Home Depot looking at new power tools. I'm not one of them, but I get the appeal. Fixing things gives you a sense of accomplishment and purpose, which is why anybody who watches Doctor Who has to feel a little jealous of The Doctor's endlessly useful Sonic Screwdriver. It's like the world's coolest Swiss army knife, and only The Doctor (or very special companions) gets to use it. Suddenly your new table saw doesn't seem so cool, does it?

Doctor Who Season 6 Trailer


8. He's been to the end of the universe and back

Most of us won't be lucky enough to see all 50 states, let alone travel through time and space, but that's what The Doctor does every day. A space pioneer, The Doctor regularly explores new worlds and new dimensions. He's been backward and forward in time so much it would make Doc Emmet Brown's head spin. While you're sharing slides of your trip to the world's largest ball of twine, The Doctor is recounting what it was like watching Mt. Vesuvius explode. Not much of a contest.


7. He once married Marilyn Monroe

In the 11th Doctor's first Christmas special, The Doctor seemingly marries Marilyn Monroe (in an off-screen scene that most people probably forgot about). Whether or not he actually went through with the wedding is irrelevant. The point is that he actually had a chance with one of the world's most famous sex symbols. And you know, Marilyn isn't the first woman to fall for The Doctor, either. If The Doctor were more of a cad, he could spend all of his travels simply wooing history's most beautiful ladies. That sure beats Singles Night at the local bowling alley..


6. He's got the coolest vehicle ever

The next time you roll your 1994 Toyota Tercel into the auto shop to replace some God-forsaken piece of your engine, try not to think about The Doctor and his magnificent TARDIS. Don't think of its charming police box exterior, or its mind-bogglingly complex interior. Don't think of how awesome it was in human form during Neil Gaiman's "The Doctor's Wife" episode. And, most importantly, don't think about how it can take you  any place or any time you want to go to. You'll just depress yourself.

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