Doctor Who: The End Of Time 3-Minute Preview

‘Tis the season to be Jolly. Not because of the holidays (yuck, holidays) but because of David Tennant’s finale as Doctor Who and since everyone seems to be in the giving spirit, BBC America has bestowed upon us the gift of a three-minute sneak-peek at Doctor Who: The End of Time.

It was not a week ago that we learned the name of Tennant’s swan song, along with getting a 40-second teaser trailer. Now we’ve got three-minutes from the episode! With the way information keeps rolling out of the two “beebs” (BBC & BBC America), I’m guessing that by next week we’re going to have the entire episode available. Well, maybe not the entire episode, but hopefully the opening sequence :-) .

Before we get to the actual clip, there’s also good news for the American audience. We already know that Doctor Who: The Waters of Mars is scheduled to air in America on December 19th and that in the UK, Doctor Who: The End of Time (part one) will air on Christmas Day. What’s the good news, you ask? Well, there will be no need to wait a month to catch up with our friend across the pond as BBC America will be airing part one of Doctor Who: The End of Time on December 26th.

Now, let’s get back to the clip that you came here to see. Check it out below.

It seems as if the Ood’s  have done pretty well for themselves since they’ve been freed only 100 years. With the Doctor being summoned back to the planet of the Ood, there’s no doubt that Donna, their savior, will be back in a big, bad way. Also, it looks as if the Doctor has somewhat returned to normal after his stint at the end of  "The Waters of Mars," but something’s still a little off with him – maybe it’s just me.

While the dates of Doctor Who: The End of Time part one have been released for the UK and America, there have yet to be any announcements as to the dates of part two in either territory, but we're promised it will be "over the holidays." As always, we’ll bring you anything Doctor Who related as it is announced.

Doctor Who: The Waters of Mars will air December 19 on BBC AmericaDoctor Who: The End of Time (part one) will air December 25 in the UK and December 26 in America

Source: BBC America

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