Doctor Who To Become Funny Lawyer For NBC

While fans around the world are waiting to see the final moments of David Tennant as Doctor Who, the Doctor himself has already moved on and is set to star in the pilot for the comedic legal drama Rex Is Not Your Lawyer for NBC.

Created by Andrew Leeds and David Lampson (Stephen’s Life – never heard of it either), the show centers around Rex Alexander (Tennant) who is Chicago’s top litigator, but after suffering from panic attacks, he’s forced to step down from litigating and takes up teaching clients how to represent themselves in court.

Tennant need not worry about having to carry the hour-long program on his own, as Jeffery Tambor (Arrested Development, The Larry Sanders Show) has been tapped to co-star as Rex’s psychiatrist who also suffers from the same anxiety disorder. Where’s the comedy part? Well, it seems that Tambor will also become romantically involved with Rex’s mother.

After hearing about David Tennant leaving Doctor Who to do other things, I understood where he's coming from; He’s a good actor and doesn’t want to be stuck in one role for his entire career. Sadly, he chose this move as his followup, going from Doctor Who - a show that’s loved by millions around the world - to a pilot that doesn’t sound at all that interesting or entertaining. I can’t even imagine how a show like this is going to work. It sounds like a mash-up of every genre... How could it possibly go wrong?

I’m not trying to be a “Negative Nancy” about this, but with NBC’s recent history of programming decisions, I have little hope that this program will make it to air, let alone be of a quality that would justify Tennant leaving his previous position.

Rex Is Not Your Lawyer is currently just a pilot. If it gets picked up, expect to see it this fall on NBC.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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