The New Doctor Who vs. The Daleks

Most people expected this and according to Digital Spy, the Daleks are back facing off against Doctor Who.

Showing up in London in World War II, the good Doctor and his companion meet Prime Minister Winston Churchill, who is using the Daleks to fight the Nazis.  Churchill has them painted up in green battle colors with Union Jack painted helmets.  That alone should be interesting to say the least.

The episode is written by Mark Gatiss and will be airing early on in the upcoming new season with Matt Smith and Karen Gillen.

I think this should be an interesting test of new actor and old chemistry.  Are they trying to seal the deal with the fans who are on the bubble about the new Doctor Who, hoping to bring new and old together with a familiar air of familiarity?

We'll see how this pans out.  What thoughts are you harboring about this match up in the new Doctor Who season?  Anything good?

Source:  Digital Spy

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