Doctor Who Documentary To Explore Secret History of The Daleks

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One of Doctor Who's greatest enemies is about to get their own feature film, and it may be shown on the big screen. A BBC filmmaker (who is a huge fan of the show) is currently developing a major documentary about the all-conquering Daleks and their secret history.

The iconic Pepper-Pot-Shaped aliens first appeared in the second story arc of the sci-fi series, and met the First Doctor (William Hartnell) back in 1963. Very different and much more menacing than anything that had appeared on British television at the time, they were an instant hit and their robotic cries of "Exterminate" were heard in UK schools and offices alike. As the Doctor has regenerated throughout the years the Daleks have remained a constant threat, confronting every incarnation of the Time-Lord, to the point where they became hugely recognizable characters outside of the show itself, used in satires and comedy. Whilst this originally happened in the UK, as the show was exported internationally they became icons all over the globe. As a result the Daleks have built up quite a crazy history, which is full of little-known trivia and facts.

Based on that, Victor Lewis-Smith (British film, television and radio producer) is developing a feature-length documentary about the Daleks and the campaign trailer for the project (above) contains some rare footage. Lewis-Smith is an accomplished media expert, who previously made an award-winning documentary about the infamous UK comedian Peter Cook, called The Undiscovered Peter Cook. Fittingly, this new film will be a crowd-funded project called The Undiscovered Daleks.

Lewis-Smith is a huge fan of the show and these characters in particular. The film is expected to delve to into their origin and cultural legacy, drawing on previously unseen material, exclusive archive footage, and interviews with famous Dalek fans to reveal everything you wanted to know about them,  including some of their more morally dubious exploits. He makes a good-natured pitch for the campaign and states;

"Throughout my career, the BBC has commissioned hundreds of programmes from me. But there's one proposal they have always rejected. That's the unexpurgated history of the Daleks ... Why? What secrets about the Daleks do they want to keep hidden? Only by crowdfunding will I be able to make The Undiscovered Daleks and tell the full story behind these sinister pepper pots from the planet Skaro."

Assuming the campaign reaches its target, Lewis-Smith hopes to get cinema distribution and even makes a jokey reference to an Oscar nomination in the trailer. However the footage that's shown does seem to indicate a treasure trove of outtakes and previously-hidden trivia that could be highly entertaining and keep fans glued to the screen, whatever size it is. Interest in Doctor Who remains high as we near the conclusion of Season 10 of the show, and the Daleks themselves are still continually voted as the one of most feared races in sci-fi. So we'll keep you updated with any progress on the development of this promising project.

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Source: Digital Spy

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