Jodie Whittaker's First Doctor Who Comic-Con Panel Now Online

Jodie Whittaker's first Doctor Who panel at San Diego Comic-Con is now live online. That's right: fans can now watch the panel in its entirety to get a sneak peek at season 11 of the long-running sci-fi TV show.

Whittaker made headlines last year when the BBC announced her as the first female Doctor for the series. Although the role was traditionally male, the new series began to hint that a change in gender for the time-traveling alien could happen sooner, rather than later. In the series, 12th Doctor Peter Capaldi transformed into Whittaker, which occurred during the 2017 Christmas episode. Whittaker's first words as Doctor were "Oh, brilliant," just before she fell out of the TARDIS and into an adventure that fans won't get any details about until later this year.

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Whittaker was the highlight of the 2018 SDCC panel for Doctor Who, along with her new companions (now known as friends): Tosin Cole, Mandip Gill and Bradley Walsh. New showrunner Chris Chibnall was also on hand, and together, the time team answered questions as vaguely as possible as to what fans could expect from the new season. That panel is now available in its entirety, thanks to the BBC; watch it above.

A lot more information about season 11 emerged throughout the course of the SDCC weekend. Whittaker took the con by storm and showed up almost everywhere, charming attendees wherever she went. She even made a surprise appearance at the Her Universe fashion show, where she wore their version of her Doctor's jacket and strutted down the runway. During the con, she spoke more about the costume, highlighting that it's something that can be male or female, something that anyone can wear to dress up like the Doctor.

Fans also got a sneak peek and chance to buy a replica of the Doctor's new sonic screwdriver. In a departure from previous designs, the new screwdriver looks very alien and put-together, suggesting that the Doctor makes it herself sometime during season 11. Fans can expect to buy their own replicas locally soon.

There was also a lot of talk about diversity and inclusion surrounding season 11 of Doctor Who. For the first time, the show hired writers of color, as well as more women as directors and writers. Also, the full editing team is made up of women.

Fans will enjoy seeing this video featuring the new Doctor discuss her role in the TARDIS, as well as see just how fantastic her chemistry is with her new friends. Doctor Who is in very good hands, and after her appearance at SDCC, no one can deny that Whittaker is the Doctor.

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Source: BBC

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