Doctor Who: Peter Capaldi Teases Reunion With Clara Oswald

Jenna Coleman and Peter Capaldi in Doctor Who Season 9 Episode 10

[Spoilers ahead for season 9 of Doctor Who]


Season 9 of Doctor Who ended with the Doctor and his companion Clara Oswald seemingly separated forever. Memories of Clara had been wiped from his mind, and she was quite literally living on borrowed time as she would die as soon as she returned to her proper place in time. Add in the fact that the BBC has already introduced fans to a new companion who will join the Doctor at the beginning of season 10, and Clara's exit from the show seemed pretty final.

Except for the fact that the Doctor and Clara have apparently already reunited. At least, that's what Doctor Who star Peter Capaldi claimed recently.

Speaking at a Doctor Who panel at Awesome Con in Washington, D.C., Capaldi hinted that there might be more to the Clara situation than what we saw at the end of season 9. While Clara won't be returning as the Doctor's companion, she may not be completely forgotten either. Capaldi stopped himself before he revealed too much, however:

"I think that the thing about the Doctor is that he's quite mysterious - hence the name, Doctor Who - um, and I'm not sure how successfully Clara was able to wipe his mind. And in fact, I just did a... I was about to tell you something I can’t tell you yet."

It's possible that his comment wasn't in reference to Doctor Who itself, however. After a bit of banter about his "good save," Capaldi followed up with a bit of an explanation that very carefully avoided mentioning the show: "I just shot something that Clara was... Clara was still there in." When pressed for more information on whether Clara's effect will still be felt in season 10, Capaldi made a joke about her "effects" such as makeup and slippers being left all over the TARDIS and said simply, "You'll have to wait and see. Sorry!"

Jenna Coleman and Peter Capaldi in Doctor Who Season 9 Episode 10

Given that season 10 of Doctor Who doesn't start filming until next month, this likely refers to the upcoming Doctor Who spinoff, Class. There hasn't been any announcement regarding Capaldi appearing in Class, but it's possible that his appearance was supposed to be kept under wraps. Class takes place at the school where Clara once taught and is currently in production, so it's entirely possible that at least part of the pilot takes place while Clara was still there or another episode features her in a flashback (and will have the Doctor drop by to share a scene as well)..

Fans of Clara might have been hoping that she would pop up from time to time in future seasons (after all, she does have a stolen TARDIS of her own now), and there's always the option of making her a recurring guest character like River Song was. For now, though, it's unlikely that she'll show up in Doctor Who proper anytime soon. An appearance in Class or some other Doctor Who-related property would be better than nothing, though, especially if it helps to get the new show off on the right foot.

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Doctor Who returns to BBC One and BBC America in December with its annual Christmas special, followed by season 10 in 2017.

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