Doctor Who: Clara Returning for 2017 Christmas Special?

Doctor Who - Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman

The Doctor's previous companion, Clara Oswald played by Jenna Coleman, might return for a special appearance in the 2017 Doctor Who Christmas special. The tenth season of the series seems to be off to a good start for Peter Capaldi's final appearance as the Doctor, having teamed him up with new companion Bill, played by Pearl Mackie.

While Capaldi has already filmed the death scene for the twelfth Doctor, his actual departure for the show is still set for the Christmas special, which won't start filming until July. Rumors suggest that David Bradley will portray the first Doctor, originally played by William Hartnell. Bradley took on the role of Hartnell (and by extension the first Doctor) in the 50th Anniversary special An Adventure in Space and Time, which told the story of how the Doctor Who television series came to be.

Now it looks like the first Doctor isn't the only TARDIS pilot set to return for the Christmas special, as a tweet (via seems to hint another actor may be reprising their role. According to the information, Eddie's Diner will be back once again as a location on the show:

"Eddie's Diner got booked by the BBC for filming in July for 2 days. Given the fact that my friend asked the owner about Doctor Who, and did his Doctor Who photos in the Diner, I'm sure that he means Doctor Who. I only got the date of July... No specific date was given."

For those of you who don't remember the significance of that diner, it's where Clara met the Doctor for the last time before Jenna Coleman left the series. The diner also turned out to be a TARDIS which Clara traveled in with her immortal companion Me, played by Game of Thrones' Maisie Williams.

Given that both Me and Clara pilot the diner it seems, it is also possible that Williams will also return for the 2017 Doctor Who Christmas special. Considering Game of Thrones now shoots later in the year to account for winter arriving in the TV series, Williams should be free to shoot Doctor Who this July.

We still don't know how big of a role the actress(es) would play in the series if they do return. When Matt Smith left the Doctor Who TV series, Karen Gillan returned for only a brief scene as Smith's former companion, Amelia Pond, before the Doctor regenerated - so it could be something along the same cameo lines, with Clara and Capaldi's twelfth Doctor.

Capaldi has already revealed that the twelfth Doctor's regeneration will not be as straightforward as the previous regenerations, meaning there could be a lot more going on in the Christmas special. Steven Moffat will be stepping down as showrunner for Doctor Who with the special, so he may want to do something extra to wrap up his tenure. One possibility is that he may bring back as many characters and actors as he can for his (and Capaldi's) final bow.

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Doctor Who continues next Saturday with ‘Knock Knock’ @9pm on BBC America.


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