Doctor Who: Justin Chatwin to Play Superhero in Christmas Special

Justin Chatwin plays a superhero alongside Peter Capaldi in the Doctor Who Christmas special

Fans of Doctor Who are in the middle of a long year, as there won't be a new season until 2017. Unlike the last break where there were a few specials throughout the year, the only episode of Doctor Who that we'll see in 2016 is the upcoming Christmas special.

As that special draws closer, though, more details about it are starting to emerge. One of the latest involves the casting of Canadian actor Justin Chatwin in what's sure to be a pretty unique role.

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This follows the announcement that Matt Lucas will reprise his role as Nardole in the special, though it's unknown at this time whether he'll be back to his normal self or if he'll still be a head attached to a robotic body like he was when we last saw him. Neither Nardole nor Chatwin's superhero will be the Doctor's companion during the special, however; though Nardole is said to "fill a similar role," the next actual companion to the Doctor will still be Pearl Mackie's Bill (who won't appear until the first episode of season 10).

The Doctor Who appearance won't be Chatwin's first time playing a powered character, though he may wish that it was. For those who don't remember (or have blocked it from their memories), Chatwin played Goku in the much-maligned Dragonball: Evolution. Incidentally, the villain of that film was played by James Marsters, who appeared as a pseudo-villain on the Doctor Who spinoff Torchwood.

Some fans may be worried about the casting of Chatwin in the special, since the lackluster Dragonball film may overshadow better performances in recent years such as his role as Cam Hawthorne in American Gothic. Head writer/showrunner Steven Moffat has stated that the special has “a lot of heart…[and] a lot of brain too,” though some fans may be a bit hesitant to take his word for it. Writer Mark Gatiss has also commented on the episode, stating that the script made him cry. Seemingly odd ideas for Doctor Who specials have worked out wonderfully in the past, though, so there is hope that the latest Christmas special will be just as wonderful.

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Doctor Who returns in December for its annual Christmas special. Season 10 begins in 2017.

Source: Radio Times

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