First Trailer For ‘Doctor Who’ Christmas Special, ‘A Christmas Carol’

Doctor Who: Children In Need

Santa's going to have to find another way to fill your stockings because this year's Doctor Who Christmas special, "A Christmas Carol," has the Doctor sliding down those dusty chimneys. After making its much anticipated premiere on BBC's Children In Need, the world now knows more about what they can expect to see on Christmas Day.

As I previously stated, with a story like "A Christmas Carol", the first thought turns to possibly seeing the past present and future of the Doctor. After viewing the trailer, we now know that my final theory was indeed correct. Instead of the Doctor taking the place of Scrooge, we’ll have an ornery elderly gentleman fill those shoes, although his name is not Scrooge.

Set on another planet, with Amy and Rory on their Honeymoon, the Doctor takes on the role of The Ghost of Christmas Past. While action-packed sequences were included in the trailer, it’s hard to tell exactly what peril the Doctor and/or the planet will be in and what, if anything, the conversion of the proverbial Scrooge will have on it.

With dialogue moving quickly through the trailer, one can hear the Doctor speak about someone wanting to see one moment of kindness. Unfortunately, the identity of this ominous someone(s) is never revealed.

Steven Moffat has previously stated that they’re “going for broke with this one.” While the story is titled “A Christmas Carol,” he explained that it’s actually “all your favorite Christmas movies at once, in an hour, with monsters. And the Doctor. And a honeymoon. And ... oh, you'll see.”

Doctor Who Christmas

With that statement, one has to believe that the characters wanting to see one moment of kindness will be monsters, albeit kindness seeking monsters, but monsters nonetheless. And, considering it’s Steven Moffat behind this Doctor Who story and not Russell T. Davies, we don’t have to worry about those monsters turning out to be Daleks or Cybermen.

In addition, for fans in America, you’ll be able to kick off the Doctor Who celebration a little early, as BBC America will be airing a marathon of favorite Doctor Who episodes on Christmas Eve. And, on Christmas Day, the annual Doctor Who Prom will be premiering alongside the Christmas special.

You can view the trailer for Doctor Who's "A Christmas Carol" below:


Doctor Who “A Christmas Carol” airs December 25, @9pm, on BBC America

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