'Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor' 50th Anniversary Trailers: Three Doctors vs. the Time War [UPDATED]

With only two weeks to go until the airing of its highly anticipated 50th Anniversary Special, fans of Doctor Who are all but slavering over every new morsel dropped by showrunner Steven Moffat (Sherlock). Rejoice then, as the latest news regarding the celebratory event isn't so much a crumb as an entire cookie - the first full trailer for Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor.

Of course, the trailer's biggest immediate draw is the first footage of David Tennant (Broadchurch) and Matt Smith (How to Catch a Monster) together as the Tenth and Eleventh incarnations of the Doctor, respectively – thus fulfilling the long tradition of Doctor Who anniversaries that unite past and present Doctors. Day of the Doctor goes a step further beyond that, placing screen legend John Hurt (Alien) front and center as a secret, "forbidden" version of the Doctor.

Doctor Who John Hurt

Just as many have speculated in recent months, the preview seems to suggest that Hurt's version of the Doctor is the one who initiated the cataclysm that ended the Time War – thus destroying the Time Lords. Audiences may see even more of the Time War than before, which has been directly glimpsed only in "The End of Time."

Even more intriguingly, the preview shows off the return of Rose Tyler (Billie Piper) to the series, looking rather cosmically powered. Could this be a glimpse of her all-too-brief flirtation with omnipotence (and freedom from the strictures of time) at the end of Christopher Eccleston's tenure as Doctor?

For a preview not even a minute in length, this trailer packs in quite a bit of tantalizing material. All these questions and (hopefully) more will be answered when Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor premieres.


The BBC has released a second, more comprehensive trailer for The Day of the Doctor that shows off quite a bit more interaction between Tennant and Smith. Hints as to how this adventure fits into the Doctor's own timeline – from the chaos of the Time War to the Tenth's own adventures – abound. One thing is for certain: BBC is eager to start cranking the gears of the Hype Machine as hard as it can.

(Shout-out to commenter Chris for the head's up!)


Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor will be simulcast by BBC and BBC America on November 23rd, 2013. Select theaters in the US will show the episode in the following week.

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