'Doctor Who' 50th Anniversary Teaser Videos & Behind-the-Scenes Image

Those Doctor Who fans who were lucky enough to attend San Diego Comic-Con this year (there were a few Screen Rant writers among them) will have already seen a trailer for the upcoming 50th anniversary special episode, titled "The Day of the Doctor". Everyone who wasn't there can still make do with our description of the trailer, which may be the closest that non-Comic-Con attendees ever get to watching it since the trailer apparently won't be shown outside of that event.

Two teasers for the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special have arrived online, but we advise you not to get too excited about them, since they're both only a few seconds long and don't show anything from the episode. The first is simply a hashtag for the episode slogan #savetheday (kids love hashtags) and includes a brief voiceover by Matt Smith, saying the name of the episode and nothing else. The second gives even less, simply featuring a brief clip of the Doctor Who theme tune and displaying the date of the episode and the show's logo.

Those stings bookended a new BBC show, Atlantis, and may have contributed to the fact that 5.8 million viewers tuned in for the first episode, but if you're left feeling a little underwhelmed by them then there's always the promise of a proper trailer on the horizon. This one will be new and different to the one shown at Comic-Con, though the footage was apparently also shot especially for the trailer, so there may not be actual clips from the episode in it. Nonetheless, a behind-the-scenes teaser image for the trailer has been posted over at the official BBC blog.

'Doctor Who' 50th anniversary trailer image

It's hard to tell whether that headless Dalek has been destroyed by events that take place in the episode or whether it's just off-camera and waiting for an operator, but based on the exploding Daleks that were shown in the promotional poster for "The Day of the Doctor", the former option seems pretty likely. It also looks like the set has a rear projection of stormy yellow skies, and the sandy ground indicates that the trailer might be being shot on some kind of dry desert planet.

The anniversary special, which runs to a feature-length 75 minutes, will be accompanies by a whole raft of Doctor Who-related specials and shows across the various BBC channels, for those who want to make a proper night of the occasion. BBC Two arts programme The Culture Show will be airing a special episode called "Me, You and Doctor Who"; kids' channel CBBC will have 12 Again, a special featuring fans of the show alongside former actors, and a Blue Peter episode themed around Doctor Who; on the airwaves, BBC Radio 2 is airing a 90-minute documentary called "Who is the Doctor"; finally, on BBC Two again, the night of celebration will finish up with a 90-minute special about the origins of the show and people involved called An Adventure in Time and Space.

A full list of TV and radio specials is available on the official blog, but all you need to know is that, as far as the BBC is concerned, a Doctor Who anniversary is a slightly bigger deal than the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. Let's hope she doesn't get jealous.

Will you be hashtagging #savetheday on Twitter, or do you prefer to dodge the hype machine entirely and just wait for the episode? Tell us what your hopes and fears for "The Day of the Doctor" are in the comments.


Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor will air on BBC One and BBC America on November 23rd, 2013.

Source: BBC

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