'Doctor Who' 2012 Christmas Special Plot Details & Clara/Oswin Connection Revealed

Doctor Who Christmas

Now that the poster for the Doctor Who 2012 Christmas Special, titled "The Snowman", has already been released, it's time to find out what, exactly, the Doctor will be up against, as well as which characters will be returning to help him. Additionally, new companion actress herself, Jenna-Louise Coleman, has finally opened up about the Clara/Oswin mystery, revealing how she is two different, though perhaps similar, characters.

This week, BBC and BBC America have released their holiday programming line-up which contains plot descriptions for all of their seasonal line-up. And even though the poster and title of the Doctor Who Christmas special does give fans a good idea of what they can expect to see, the plot description reveals more details about the Doctor's upcoming battle as well as his state of mind, following Amy and Rory's departure.

You can read the plot description below:

Christmas Eve 1892, and the falling snow is the stuff of fairytales.

When the fairytale becomes a nightmare and a chilling menace threatens Earth, an unorthodox young governess, Clara, calls on the Doctor for help. But the Doctor is in mourning, reclusive and determined not to engage in the problems of the universe. As old friends return, will the Doctor really abandon humankind or will he fight to save the world – and Christmas – from the icy clutches of this mysterious menace?

After the highly-emotional Doctor Who season 7 mid-season finale, where Amy and Rory exited the series (and technically died), this year's Christmas special will take a step away from the previously light-hearted tales of holiday adventures to force a distraught Doctor out from his reclusive state. Fortunately, as the description reveals, he'll have some support in his time of need. But who?

Doctor Who 2012 Christmas

Madame Vastra, Commander Strax and Jenny Flint

Besides new companion Clara joining in on the fight, we already know that the Doctor will also have Commander Strax, the reluctantly helpful Sontaran, Madame Vastra, the Silurian warrior, and her partner, Jenny Flint, to help him take on the snowmen. Essentially, this is a reunion of everyone who came to the Doctor's aid in "A Good Man Goes to War" (sans pirates). Still, the question remains: who is Clara/Oswin?

To help shine some light on this Whovian mystery, Jenna-Louise Coleman spoke with Entertainment Weekly about new companion Clara and revealed how Clara and Oswin came to be played by the same person:

It’s interesting actually — I think I can tell you this — that that was never the initial plan either, to have me be Oswin. That was part of a genius plan that [executive producer] Steven [Moffat] came up with half-way through the audition process. That was already written but not written for what was to be the new companion. I was auditioning for the companion and then I got all these sides and I was like, “Who’s Oswin? They clearly don’t know what they want, they obviously don’t know what they’re looking for. They just want people to show them different things and see.” This is what I assumed when I was auditioning, not realizing that it’s basically Steven’s mad genius again.

Doctor Who Season 7 - Oswin

Although this isn't the answer fans were likely looking for, Coleman continues by explaining how the connection between Clara and Oswin will be handled as the series progresses:

We’re going to have what has been referred to as a “soft mystery.” For me, filming, I’ve been totally oblivious to Oswin and the “Asylum of the Daleks.” I really have had to erase it from my memory.

That’s why it’s so difficult [to talk about it]. Because of the way it started with Oswin, it’s really difficult to say much: where she’s from, what period she’s from, what planet she’s from, even.

As it currently stands, we don't know much about either character, Clara or Oswin. And while it's likely that the Christmas special will establish some core elements of the character of Clara, it appears that the over-arching Oswin mystery that fans are already wondering about won't be fully revealed anytime soon. However, before fans begin to complain about having to wait to find out the connection between Clara and Oswin, the reference of a "soft mystery" means that it's more likely to be answered by the end of the season and not the end of Clara's run on the series, as many would expect.

Still, like most things, we'll have to wait and see.


Doctor Who 2012 Christmas Special, "The Snowmen", will air on Christmas Day, on BBC & BBC America.

Source: BBCEntertainment Weekly

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