Von Doom: Fan Film Gives Doctor Doom an Origin Story

Despite multiple attempts to get the franchise off the ground, a live-action adaptation of the  Fantastic 4 has never worked out. While there have been a multitude of issues with both version of the property, one of the most consistent complaints has been the depiction of the villain, Doctor Doom.

As one of the best villains in all of Marvel comics, Victor Von Doom deserves a movie that truly does him justice. In fact, Toby Kebbell, who played Doom in Josh Trank's much derided 2015 adaptation, has been a big proponent of Marvel Studios getting the character back so he can tangle with the Avengers and other Marvel Cinematic Universe characters.

As we've already seen with their limited time with Spider-Man (including the newest trailer), Marvel Studios has a record of honoring their characters. If they could properly adapt Doctor Doom to live-action, then there's a good chance the frequent criticisms of the MCU's shallow villains could be diminished.

Thanks to the creator of 2015's Miles Morales fan film, Spider-Man Lives: A Miles Morales Story, we now have a comic-accurate depiction of Doctor Doom and his origins. Written, directed, and produced by Ivan Kander, Von Doom is a time bending short film that manages to work in 3 key stages of Doctor Doom's life into a single cohesive narrative, taking the villain from an innocent child in Latveria to an ambitious scientist to his ultimate form as Doctor Doom. The story hews closely to Doom's established history from the comics and shows just what makes him a menacing, yet sympathetic, character. All this in less than 15 minutes, including a Marvel-esque post-credits scene (we won't spoil that for you).

One of the more impressive aspects of this short film is the fact that it was produced for just $11,292.83. Ivan also detailed his budget and production efforts in an educational blog post for fans of budget filmmaking, showing that it doesn't take a massive film studio to do a character justice.

With Avengers: Infinity War on its way, Phase 4 of the MCU might be doing some things differently. Ther were rumors last year that Marvel Studios and Fox were in early talks, possibly over the rights to Fantastic 4 characters. While these rumors pop up from time to time, and any deal seems far off, it would be great to see Doctor Doom have the opportunity to tangle in a larger universe, especially if he's adapted with as much care as he is in Von Doom.

Source: Lucky 9 Studios

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