Doctor Who Translates To The Comics

As I've noted in a previous literary effort here on ScreenRant, Doctor Who is the longest running science fiction show in the world. Doctor Who has seen different versions of The Doctor through the various years of the shows' incarnations. So too has the show enjoyed various incarnations in different media.

One of those mediums is in comic book form.

One site, A UK restricted site, lets you create your own comic version at Other sites reference comic strips for the various different doctors.

How'd This Come About?

Earlier this year, IDW Publishing put out a Doctor Who miniseries in an American comic book, and it was successful enough (duh) that they'll be bringing a second miniseries to the stands titled Doctor Who: The Forgotten, written by Tony Lee and Pia Guerra.

In The Forgotten, we have the tenth Doctor in a strange museum being hassled by waxworks, familiar giant spiders and a strangely familiar, bearded old man.

Tony Lee was tight-lipped regarding whether the new Doctor might meet older versions of himself, but he hinted at a two-page double-spread panel in one of the later issues that put a friend of his (a Doctor Who fan) into a state of a gibbering wreck for about an hour.

Nice. I like gibbering wrecks.

He also wouldn't say when the story takes place, as that would also give away one of his major plot points, but it's hinted at taking place late in season three before he regenerates. Anyone else gibbering right about now?

Like myself, Lee likes David Tennant's humorous pace and inflection of dialog and he says he tries to retain that feel in his writing.

With the comic miniseries taking place in a museum, there are opportunities and temptations galore to plant some easter eggs in the story. I think the writer succumbed a bit as he says we'll see Voord's helmet at one point, rucksacks of Nitro-9 and other goodies.

Besides Doctor Who, Tony Lee is also working titles like Starship Troopers - Triple Threat, Stalag #666 and other things that serious comic fans can wait in anticipation for.

My Take On The Issue:

As for me, I'm as much a comic book fan as the next guy or gal and if done right, comic book adaptations can keep certain stories alive, or extend certain elements into other realms.

Case in point: Aliens vs. Predator. As a comic, it went over well for me, as opposed to my struggling to force myself to really enjoy the movie adaptations. Batman vs Predator three-part butt-kicking was supreme in my book as I loved watching my two top favorite heroes (Yep, Predator is on of my role models) going at each other, not sure who I really rooted for. One of my favorite was when the Starship Enterprise, with Kirk and Spock, encountered what I think was a Marvel Universe character floating in space in the ships path. When Kirk asks Chekov what the guy's doing, Checkov replies, "Keptin, I think he's genna punch the ship sir.", and the next thing we see is the crew falling all over themselves from the entity doing just that. A precious moment in my poor, image filled mind from my comic book days.

So with the right art, the right scribe, anything can come to life in comic book form.

Here's a bonus for our faithful readers: In my research / travels, I came across a site where this author got tired of not having a decent Doctor Who reference, so he made one himself: Dr Who Guide. Check it out and come back and let us know what you think!

Info and Image background Source: Comic Book Resources

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