Doctor Strange Director Excited For Aquaman & Wonder Woman Movies

Scott Derrickson excited for Aquaman and Wonder Woman

There has never been quite a time like now for comic book movies. After 2016 had six of these films from Marvel, WB, and Fox combined, 2017 and beyond is set to be even bigger. This year alone Marvel is releasing three (if we include Sony's Spider-Man: Homecoming as it is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe), WB has two, and Fox has one X-Men film, but there are actually at least 15 movies (both live-action and animated) based on comics coming out this year. The sheer amount of superhero related content has brought up concerns over superhero fatigue (although the box office proves otherwise), as well as an idea that there is a DC/Marvel rivalry.

Some groups of fans have taken this friendly competition to mean you can only like one superhero universe, but that is frankly not the case. Sure, there have been previous examples of people on both sides pushing the rivalry as others downplay it, but the fact is the prevalence of these films should create a desire for great content. As a matter of fact, one Marvel director is very much looking forward to a few upcoming DC films.

Screen Rant's Rob Keyes had the chance to talk to Doctor Strange director about the success of his film, but was sure to ask him about his thoughts on the superhero genre as a whole, especially regarding DC. As he revealed to us, he is most excited to see what James Wan's Aquaman and Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman bring to the table:

Screen Rant: What are your thoughts on the DC franchise and how they're growing it in sort of a different strategy, but similar to Marvel's?

Scott Derrickson: You know, all I can say is, I didn't read as many DC comics as Marvel comics growing up but I did read DC comics and - 100 percent honest answer, honest, truthful answer - the DC comic I read the most was Aquaman. I loved Aquaman. I read that comic pretty regularly as a kid. And they've got James Wan - who I think is one of the very best commercial directors in the world, right now - behind that. I'm so excited about that movie. And I have a lot of hope for Wonder Woman. I really like her introduction in Batman V Superman and they've got a great character on their hands. My hope is that character will catch fire and have a strong presence. I root for those movies, ya know? I root for all movies, but I especially root for good comic book movies. It's the best, most interesting genre going right now.

Doctor Strange Scott Derrickson Interview

When it comes to choosing properties from DC that he is most excited to see, both of his answers are not uncommon with the thinking of many others. Gal Gadot made a strong impression on many during Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice regardless of what they thought about the quality of the film overall. It was her performance accompanied with fantastic trailers and a female hero finally leading a major superhero franchise that has made Wonder Woman not just an anticipated film, but one that is needed from the genre.

Aquaman on the other hand should be right up Derrickson's wheelhouse. After the success that Doctor Strange had at the box office, James Wan even reached out to Derrickson to congratulate him on the achievements and sing the praises of his career as a whole. With Wan having a similar career trajectory to Derrickson, is no surprise that he is also interested to see what a fellow horror director will do with a character that can explore the depths of the ocean.

It should also not come as a surprise that Derrickson is first and foremost hoping for good comic book movies all the way around. Even if they are not Marvel Studios movies, good superhero movies will make audiences eager to see more of them. As much as some want only DC or Marvel to prevail, each will be able to build off the success of the other, but also learn how to avoid difficulties that their "competition" has experienced. If everyone shares this mindset, the superhero genre should be in good hands moving forward.

Stay tuned to Screen Rant for more from our interview with Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson.

Key Release Dates
  • Wonder Woman (2017) release date: Jun 02, 2017
  • Aquaman (2018) release date: Dec 21, 2018
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