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Doctor Strange's Benedict Cumberbatch finds himself in a strange setting in a new fan-made video. Before Dr. Stephen Strange allied himself with the Earth's Mightiest Heroes in Avengers: Infinity War, he appeared in a blockbuster solo movie in 2016 to carve out his origin story. Then, he appeared in a small but pivotal role in Thor: Ragnarok. And now, he's aiding the Avengers in their deadly fight against Thanos.

Thanks to the winning presence of Cumberbatch as the mystical superhero, Doctor Strange has quickly risen in the ranks of popularity of his fellow Marvel movie superheroes, and the character is instantly recognizable anywhere he turns up. After all, one thing's for certain: there's no missing the good doctor in a splashy new fan-made video just in time for the summer months.

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Recently posted on Twitter by Jesse McLaren, Doctor Strange is found gallivanting through an unidentified waterpark in the 7-second clip (set to strains of the late Glenn Frey's hit "The Heat is On"). Given the look on face throughout the video, Doctor Strange seems quite bewildered by the wet and slippery setting. In the post, McLaren says he took the footage from featurettes (presumably from the 2016 film) where Doctor Strange was filmed in front of a green screen and edited him into the new setting. See the video in the tweet below:

The video is laugh-out-loud funny, as Doctor Strange is seen twirling down a waterslide, flying and running above the water, and splashing around in a wave pool. The wild thing is, the edit is seamless, showing just how far digital editing technology has come over the years. The Doctor Strange footage is so convincing, if fact, that fans could potentially mistake it for something out of a gag reels. Perhaps Scott Derrickson, Taika Waititi and Joe and Anthony Russo will start looking over the their shoulders, seeing just how quickly the art of filmmaking from the fan community is catching up with them.

Seeing just how crafty McLaren is with his Doctor Strange waterpark video, it will be interesting to see where he and other fans take the art of clipping actors out of green screen footage and where they take them. Given the abundance of visual effects-heavy movies in the marketplace, the possibilities seem endless for not only Doctor Strange, but other Marvel superheroes, whether from the Marvel Cinematic Universe or the Fox-owned Marvel properties, or even the DC Extended Universe. For now, though, this Doctor Strange video makes for a very entertaining viewing.

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Source:  Jesse McLaren

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