Doctor Strange Knows of Thor's Destiny in New Ragnarok Trailer

A new Japanese trailer for Thor: Ragnarok offers the first glimpse of Benedict Cumberbatch's return as Doctor Strange. In the midst of production on the third Thor film, set photos teased the arrival of the Sorcerer Supreme. This tease was confirmed in the post-credits of the Doctor Strange solo film, where it was revealed Cumberbatch would reprise his role, though to what extent remained unclear.

Since then, fans have been left to wonder how large of a role Strange would have in third Thor go-round, as the post-credits scene alluded to Strange agreeing to help Thor find his missing father Odin (Anthony Hopkins). Answers are still a few months away, but thanks to a new international trailer the doctor's role in Ragnarok is becoming a little clearer.

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The latest international trailer recently appeared online, and it offers more from the initial meeting between the two heroes. Strange senses great change in Thor's future and teases a greater destiny for the god of thunder, which seems to be clear enough from what we've seen in the various trailers released from Thor: Ragnarok. Despite, Strange's warnings, it looks as though Thor has some plans of his own.

Doctor Strange and Thor

Doctor Strange should only have a small role to play in the film, and given the intergalactic nature of the storyline, it should be one that wraps up fairly early on. With Thor still sporting his long locks during their encounter, his discussion with Strange takes place well before  the journey to Sakarr.

That said, just because his role may be small does not make it less important. Helping find Odin -- who has become a hobo on the streets of New York -- is a quest worthy of Strange's help, especially since he is concerned with getting Loki off Earth considering the threat the trickster god posed last time he set foot in Midgard. Whether or not Strange will get to show off more of his magical abilities is unknown, so hopefully his scene(s) with Thor are entertaining enough in their own right on the offhand chance Cumberbatch's cameo here is strictly dialogue based. Thankfully, this only marks the start of the two heroes' relationship, as both will appear in Avengers: Infinity War. Perhaps the role Thor has in the battle against Thanos is the destiny that the good doctor sees.

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