Doctor Strange is Going To Space

Doctor Strange Damnation #1 Cover

The relaunch of Doctor Strange this summer will see the Sorcerer Supreme heading to outer space to restore his magic. Over the past few years, Marvel Comics has done a number of reboots and new first issues for many of its characters. And it looks as if the current events will once again lead to another Marvel relaunch. The good news is, the fresh starts we've heard about so far all sound exciting.

One of the most exciting announcements has been the news that Black Panther is heading to space. Ta-Nehisi Coates' book - and last years' Legacy #1 - teased the rise of the Intergalactic Empire of Wakanda, and it looks like this summer will see the technological nation journey to the stars. Now, we know T'Challa won't be the only Avenger heading off Earth as Stephen Strange is making a cosmic journey as well.

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Marvel announced the new Doctor Strange #1 that will debut on June 6. Written by Mark Waid with art from Jesus Saiz, the series will see Strange heading to space to replenish his magic. Along with the cover for the first issue, Marvel also revealed the summary for the story which you can check out below:

The Eye of Agamotto is closed! Doctor Stephen Strange has lost his connection to the Earth’s arcane power, and he can’t wait to recover while nightmares press against the seams of our reality. Tony Stark offers a 21st-century solution: when astral travel fails, try astronautical travel. Enter Doctor Strange: Space-Explorer Supreme!

Different spells, allies, and enemies—new and old—await Strange beyond the stars, along with corners and secrets of the Marvel Universe, seen here for the first time! Space is endless, but time is short. After years of threats, Stephen’s bill for magic-use is coming due—who will come to collect?!

Doctor Strange already suffered a big blow a few years back when the scientific zealots the Empirikul crippled magic on every corner of Earth (and beyond). Now, Strange will once again be forced to take some drastic actions. The idea of the mystical Strange entering a sci-fi story is certainly an exciting one, and Waid's involvement will only attract more readers.

Along with the new Doctor Strange book, Waid will write an Ant-Man & The Wasp comic hoping to capitalize on the upcoming Marvel film. Across the board, it seems that Marvel is attempting to focus on their biggest heroes and villains, especially those appearing on the big and small screen. We haven't yet heard the full list of titles that will debut as part of Marvel's fresh start, but some big shake-ups and a new status quo are on the horizon. And though not everyone may be keen on Marvel relaunching their books, inventive stories like the new Doctor Strange are at least intriguing.

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Doctor Strange #1 will be on sale June 6 from Marvel and comic book retailers.

Source: Marvel

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