How Doctor Strange Should Have Ended

How Doctor Strange Should Have Ended

Marvel and Disney have been having a good few years. Virtually every movie the team has released has been a hit, with Doctor Strange the latest to join the list of top superhero blockbusters of all time. Not only did fans love the film, which was met with equal praise from many critics, but it's been a massive success at the box office. Months after its original release, the film has finally opened in Japan, where it took the #1 spot over the weekend by raking in $4.5 million. That brings the film well past $650 million in global box office sales. With the Blu-ray about to arrive, packed full of bonus features nonetheless, Doctor Strange is only going to keep earning.

On top of that, the prestige level of the film continues to rise thanks to its multiple award nominations from the likes of BAFTA, the Costume Design Guild, and even the Academy. What seemed like a risky bet, has once again proved a success for Marvel. Benedict Cumberbatch and Doctor Strange are also poised to follow in Robert Downey, Jr.'s footsteps with his portrayal of Tony Stark as one of Marvel's leading lights. We'll next see the future Sorcerer Supreme teaming up with The God of Thunder in Thor: Ragnarok (a fact that was teased in the Doctor Strange credits). From there, he's off to join the fight in Avengers: Infinity War, and Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson is super excited for Stephen to team up with Rocket Raccoon.

Still, it hasn't been all love for the movie. Though there's a healthy bit of friendly jabbing in all of their videos, the How It Should Have Ended team now sets their sights on Doctor Strange. In the video above, you can see their multiple alternate endings for the movie. Not only do they offer Dormammu and Kacelius easier paths to success, but they provide our heroes with a number of other ways they could have thwarted their foes.

How Doctor Strange Should Have Ended

Even if you loved the film, it's hard not to appreciate the critiques levied against the plot, especially since they're delivered in such hilarious fashion. The gang finishes the video off with a number of unexpected cameos from the world of comics, seriously piquing our interest in a comedic crossover film involving the Avengers and the Justice League. For now, we'll just have to relive all those great moments from Amalgam Comics.

There's no word yet on when a sequel to Doctor Strange will release (given that its existence seems inevitable), but news surrounding the project keeps trickling out each day. We've already seen a neat alternate design for demonic villain Dormammu, and learned he was almost voiced by horror legend Tony Todd (aka the voice of Zoom on The Flash) before Cumberbatch did it himself. As Ragnarok draws closer and Infinity War dives into production, we're likely to learn more, so stay tuned for all things Doctor Strange.

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