Scott Derrickson Teases Doctor Strange Sequel & Villains

Doctor Strange Scott Derrickson Interview

Marvel Studios is as well-known for casting talent out of the Hollywood spotlight and turning them into mega stars as they are for handpicking directorial talent. They hit a home run to launch the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Jon Favreau helming Iron Man years ago, and lately, they've been stepping it up a notch. From the Russos managing the Captain America and upcoming Avengers movies and James Gunn helping create the live-action Guardians of the Galaxy to now Scott Derrickson bringing his visual style and passion of the source material to Doctor Strange.

Derrickson is no stranger to writing and directing genre material with unique spins seen from his work on The Exorcism of Emily Rose, Sinister, and The Day The Earth Stood Still, among others, and now he's bringing that skillset and experience to help the MCU open a whole other part of the universe we've only seen hints of so far: alternate dimensions and straight-up magic.

We visited Longcross Film Studios in February, on day 54 of 86 during principal photography on Doctor Strange, to see what Derrickson and co. were up to and to the surprise of no one, he was as intellectual as he was passionate and knowledgable of the source material - something that's critically important to a character and world with so much lore and intricacies behind it. And if you don't follow Scott Derrickson on Twitter already, our chat with him on set - where he was shooting training sequences in Kamar-Taj - will change that.

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I have a super specific question. Are there any Bob Dylan songs in this movie?

Scott Derrickson: Are there any what?

Bob Dylan songs.

Scott Derrickson: Oh God, I hope, I hope so. That's my answer to everything. I hope there are Bob Dylan songs in every movie. So yeah. No, we are, we're looking at specific songs and some of them classic songs. We'll see which ones we'll get. Which ones we can afford and which ones we can get the rights to.

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