Doctor Strange Director Praises Infinity War

Doctor Strange's director, Scott Derrickson, has joined Marvel's other directors in praising the Russo Brothers' Avengers: Infinity War. The film has garnered praise from fans and Marvel professionals alike. It's not hard to see why, as Avengers: Infinity War not only delivered incredible emotional punches, it also effectively set up Ant-Man and the Wasp, the next film on Marvel's Cinematic Universe slate. The beginning of Marvel's closing salvo has shaken the 14 billion dollar franchise to its core, resolving plotlines and making it a worthy near-conclusion for the first three phases of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The praise keeps rolling in. Over the weekend, Avengers: Infinity War broke several records, and Hollywood has heaped congratulations on their colleagues. In the haze of accolades, actors from other franchises have even begun weighing in on Marvel's triumph with their own congratulations. Since Avengers: Infinity War broke the record for opening weekend sales, Kathleen Kennedy of Lucasfilm - producer of previous record holder The Force Awakens - offered her own praise and kudos on the accomplishment. Such a massive endeavor could likely only have been achieved with the Russo brothers at the helm, but that's definitely not discounting all the other cast and crew members who helped make it happen. In that spirit, Marvel's directors are taking to social media in droves to offer congratulations to their comrades.

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Scott Derrickson, helmer of Doctor Strange, is the latest luminary to praise what the Russos did, especially with the character he helped first adapt for the big screen. He took to Twitter to share his thoughts, and his post is below. Despite limited screen time, Derrickson praised that the Russos managed to capture Strange's character properly. The director behind the master of mysticism says that Strange's characterization was accurate to both the comic books and his prior film.

Derrickson joins Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn in supporting the Russo's vision of their characters. Marvel has created a united front around the Russo's final vision. Just how Avengers: Infinity War will shape a potential Doctor Strange sequel won't be solved until Avengers 4 hits theatres. Things are looking grim for the sorcerer supreme however, with star Benedict Cumberbatch failing to confirm Strange's survival. Doctor Strange's sequel writer may have the story details worked out, but Marvel is focused on ending Phase 3 on a high note. After all, according to the Russos, the stakes for the final Avengers film are very real.

All eyes are on Marvel and Avengers: Infinity War. It's the start of an ending that the studio and the fandom more than earned after 10 solid years of filmmaking. It's a testament to Marvel's unity and commitment to telling a good story that no matter what fate will befall any of the characters fans have fallen in love with, the MCU's directors are working together and have a unified plan in place. Fans will, unfortunately, have to wait until Avengers: Infinity War's sequel to find out what it is.

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