Doctor Strange Toys Reveal Mads Mikkelsen's Character

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[This article contains potential spoilers for Doctor Strange.]


As usual, Marvel Studios has made a habit of keeping details concerning its latest film, Doctor Strange, close to the vest, preferring to let information trickle out slowly as the release date nears. Perhaps the most debated bit of unreleased info concerns the identity of Mads Mikkelsen's character, who has been confirmed to be a villain in the film. A popular guess so far is that Mikkelsen will be playing Dormammu, ruler of the Dark Dimension, a long-time nemesis for Strange on the comic page. Well, fans need wait no longer for answers, as promo material for a new line of toys based on the film appears to solve the Mikkelsen mystery once and for all.

According to an image and description of the toy, the upcoming set of Marvel Minimates toys based on Doctor Strange confirms that Mikkelsen's character is none other than Kaecilius, a high-ranking disciple of arch-villain Karl "Baron" Mordo in the comics.

Mordo is played by Chiwetel Ejiofor in the Doctor Strange film, although the character as presented on-screen has undergone notable changes from his depiction in print. Interestingly enough, though, according to a report from Heroic Hollywood, the toy line is packaged in sets of two figures each, and the second two-pack includes Mordo and Kaecilius. When one considers that the first packaged duo in the series is Strange and his mystical teacher The Ancient One, it is logical to assume that this mean's the film's renditions of Mordo and Kaecilius will still join forces, at least to some extent.

Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange

While prior reports have suggested that Mikkelsen might be playing the lead villain in Doctor Strange -- and that the film's version of Mordo isn't entirely evil -- one wonders if this might be a calculated misdirection tactic on the part of director Scott Derrickson and the Marvel Studios team. After all, Mordo is easily Strange's most infamous adversary in the comics, and it would make perfect sense for him to serve the same function in the Sorcerer Supreme's MCU debut.

Might the ever-manipulative Mordo simply be using Kaecilius as a diversion to distract Strange from his own behind-the-scenes machinations? Also, could Mordo's occasional demonic backer Dormammu still have a role to play in the villainous mix? All in all, it seems that finding out who Mads Mikkelsen's character really is has just lead to more questions, which Marvel will presumably be oh so willing to slowly tease the answers to, as the hype for Doctor Strange continues to build.

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Source: Heroic Hollywood

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