Doctor Strange Just Became the God of Magic

Doctor (Stephen) Strange is now the "God of Magic". Comic book readers know that Doctor Strange is already one of the most formidable characters in the Marvel Universe, but in Doctor Strange #383, the Master of the Mystic Arts just received another massive upgrade - leaving little doubt in the minds of fans that even if Strange can't be the Sorcerer Supreme, he's potentially Marvel's most powerful hero.

Doctor Strange's life took a bad turn in Doctor Strange #381 when the character lost the title of Sorcerer Supreme after competing in a magical tournament. Though the events that transpired at the tournament were left ambiguous, what we were told was that the gods decided to give the title to Loki, despite his checkered past. As a result of their decision, Strange lost his house, his cloak, and the Eye of Agamotto.

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The current storyline has forced a depleted Doctor Strange to contend with Loki, whose status as an Asgardian god - as well as the Sorcerer Supreme - has put Strange at an extreme disadvantage. However, the events of Doctor Strange #383 has tipped the scales in Strange's favor. Looking for a way to even the playing field, Strange travels to Asgard to search for Yggdrasil, a mythical tree. After finding Yggdrasil, Strange asked the tree for help in his quest to defeat Loki. In exchange for its help, Strange had to offer up a sacrifice: the body of a dog who died in the previous issue.

The tree transferred so much power into Strange's body that the sorcerer was overwhelmed with magical energy. According to Strange, he now has more magic than he has ever known. Now calling himself a "God of Magic", Strange claims that he's not even a mortal anymore. At the end of the comic, Strange declares that he's going to get his cloak back.

If Strange's status as the God of Magic sticks, it'll be a huge step up for a character who was already recognized as one of the Marvel's most powerful heroes. For fans of the character, the new title could seem fitting, considering that for decades Strange has been able to fight on the same level as many of Marvel's gods and goddesses. Next year, Strange will lead his own team to face the demon, Mephisto.

With Strange's new power, it's hard to imagine how Loki will be able to compete with him now, especially since Doctor Strange now has an ally in Sentry, who made his shocking return in the last issue. Strange and Sentry's battle with Loki for the fate of the universe will continue in Doctor Strange #384.

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Doctor Strange #383 is on sale now.

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