Doctor Strange Concept Art Reveals More Dormammu Alternate Designs

Doctor Strange - Dormammu

In the lead up to Doctor Strange, many fans began to wonder whether or not there would be a big reveal at some point in the movie that there was a larger threat at play than Mads Mikkelsen's Kaecilius. It became clear early on in the film that this was the case and that Kaecilius and his followers were actually worshippers of Dormammu. Even after his namedrop, the ruler of the Dark Dimension did not make an actual appearance until the final battle with the titular hero.

When Dormammu's form was revealed in Doctor Strange, it was a very different look than fans of the Marvel comics were expecting. He was made larger than ever before, as his face alone took up the entire screen and dwarfed Strange. This take was a departure to the normal size and visibly signature fiery head of the supervillain, but it looks like one artist's design considered for the Doctor Strange film had a more classic design.

Artist Jerad Marantz has revealed two designs he did for Doctor Strange that feature a more humanoid depiction of Dormammu. As illustrated in the first photo below, the giant size featured in the movie is still there, but the character's face more closely resembles that of a person. The second version also features Dormammu's entire body design, something that was not made visible during the movie itself.

Doctor Strange alternative Dormammu design by Jerad Marantz
Doctor Strange alternative Dormammu design by Jerad Marantz

Even though Marantz's designs were not used, it will be interesting to see if any future Doctor Strange movie sequels utilize portions of his designs/concepts, should Dormammu ever return. With the character being one of Doctor Strange's most recognizable villains, it would be a shame for him never to return again to the big screen; though after the time loop trick that Strange pulled, Dormammu promised he would never again try and conquer Earth.

Still, Dormammu is a villain after all and staying true to their word is not necessarily something that they are known for doing. If he ever does do such a thing and come to Earth himself after seeing that his minions could not get the job done, then a smaller, more human looking form for Dormammu could be in play.

That said, Doctor Strange 2 has not been officially announced yet and if director Scott Derrickson does return as he hopes, he and writer Jon Spaihts already seem keen on featuring Nightmare as the villain. This could leave Dormammu in the Dark Dimension for a few more years. Then again, he is a large enough threat that he alone could be an overarching villain for multiple films, so who knows what exactly Marvel's plans are for the character - and for that sake, his look as well, moving forward.

Source: Jerad Marantz

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