Doctor Strange Gives Up His Eye For Agamotto

The original Defenders - Hulk, Silver Surfer, Namor, and Doctor Strange - are reuniting for Marvel Comics. But before that can happen, fans will need to follow Doctor Strange to the end of the Earth... and see how he returned to see his younger self killed.

That's one confusing premise for Doctor Strange: The Best Defense #1, but that is exactly how Marvel wants it. Our exclusive preview of the comic is the third chapter in a larger story, focusing on the Immortal HulkNamor, and now the Sorcerer Supreme in a series of enigmatic, one-off tales starring the Defenders heroes. It's all building to the finale in The Defenders: The Best Defense, but fans will want to see how Doctor Strange must bring Agamotto's Eye to life... by sacrificing his own.

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Stepping into this story for its third chapter is risky, considering how mysterious the first two issues have been so far. The Immortal Hulk issue began in a desolated town, with Bruce Banner discovering the burnt skeleton of his old friend, Stephen Strange. After some detective work, the true killer of the Sorcerer Supreme was revealed... as a ghost-like projection of an older, one-eyed, frail Doctor Strange. It seems that cliffhanger will finally be addressed in Doctor Strange: The Best Defense #1, leaping forward to the end of the Earth, as the same elderly Strange walks the wasteland on one last mission. And must give up an eyeball to power his magic, as his most famous enemy's forces surround him.

It's a heck of a way to begin Strange's final trial, so check out the preview pages below:

Now even movie fans who have never picked up a Doctor Strange comic can appreciate the dire situation, as Stephen gives off a scent for the spawn of Dormammu to follow. And all in search of a site where Earth was struck by... something. Resulting in the end of the world, and his lone mission to... well, we don't know that part of the story, either. But even if the larger story, twists, and purpose of this Defenders reunion elude us for now, Marvel has succeeded in piquing our curiosity. If that goes for you readers as well, then pick up the previous issues of both Immortal Hulk and Namor: The Best Defense, and keep your eyes peeled for Silver Surfer's issue hitting store shelves next Wednesday alongside Doctor Strange.

Until then, check out the full synopsis for the new issue below:

  • Published: December 12th, 2018
  • Writer: Gerry Duggan
  • Art: Greg Smallwood
  • Cover: Ron Garney
  • "THE BEST DEFENSE" PART THREE! In a desolate, barren landscape, the Master of the Mystic Arts fights what may well prove to be his final battle—alone, unaided, friendless…except…what’s in that bag that Stephen Strange is carrying with him?

Doctor Strange: The Best Defense #1 will be released on December 12th from Marvel Comics.

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