Aga-Mottos: 10 Of Doctor Strange’s Most Quotable MCU Lines

With the hype surrounding Avengers: Endgame still very high, we’re all appreciating the characters that were in the Battle of Earth against Thanos. Of these superheroes, it was Doctor Strange who was the most valuable player dating all the way back to Avengers: Infinity War, thanks to his use of the Time Stone ensuring the good guys won.

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Although he had a small role in Avengers: Endgame, there's a lot of characterization that’s been seen in Doctor Strange, and most of the time he utters a quote, it becomes part of pop culture. With that in mind, here are 10 quotes by the good Doctor that we find most memorable.

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10 "Try Me, Beyonce"

The introduction of Wong in Doctor Strange was done in a perfect manner, with the stoic character not having any of Stephen’s comedic attitude. Having simply the one name, “Wong”, didn’t set well with Strange, who tried to make light of this fact by naming several other one-named individuals.

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The funniest part about Strange calling Wong “Beyoncé” was that we see Wong listening to “Single Ladies” in the very next scene. Plus, the “Try me” part is good to jokingly tell your friend to bring it whenever there’s a competition. So, next time you want to feel like a big deal, call your opponent “Beyoncé”, and let’s see how they respond.

9 "One..."

There have been hundreds of memes over Doctor Strange telling Iron Man there were 14,000,605 possibilities in the fight against Thanos, and only one version of the future where there was victory. Since the release of Avengers: Infinity War, fans have been quoting Strange saying “One” frequently, usually as a joke.

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You can go through memes of this quote, and find most of them involving some kind of outlandish claim to which the last panel is always a grave Doctor Strange telling us the odds. It doesn’t look like this one-word quote will ever go away, not when there are so many scenarios you can apply it on.

8 "I Could Have Done Better"

While this quote is also part of the meme-world, it was a very sad scene that we saw. The reason why this is a quotable line isn’t because it can be put in a funny context, but because we all know what it feels like to be forced to go along with something that you knew you could’ve done better.

The scene in question had Stephen wake up from his ill-fated crash, and realize to his horror how the doctors had treated his hands. They had permanently left his nerves damaged, effectively ending his career. But Stephen knew had he been the one conducting the operation, he would’ve done so much better.

7 "I'm Fluent in Google Translate"

Remember to keep this quote in the back of your mind whenever you go abroad for travels, as it applies beautifully every single time. Since the Marvel Cinematic Universe is known worldwide, this quote is a great icebreaker if you feel out of place with the locals wherever you might be travelling.

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The scene had Doctor Strange be asked if he was versed in Sanskrit, to which Stephen replied he had Google Translate fluent down to a T. It was a hilarious quote, but you can’t call Strange wrong either, not when he could just use Google to translate the Sanskrit.

6 "Life Without My Work..."

Another sad quote, and another one used when commenting on Doctor Strange’s personality. This one illustrated to us how, despite all his previous bravado and arrogance, Stephen was genuinely passionate about his job. His work was his life, and he never made excuses here nor did he make his accomplishments to appear better than others.

People tend to use this quote jokingly when using it in real life, generally to express how they can’t envision a life without the passion they feel for their work. However, it’s also used when discussing Doctor Strange’s characterization, as this is the base over which his journey began.

5 "Allow Me To Assist You"

It’s hard to forget the excitement we had when seeing Thor show up at the end of Doctor Strange. The interaction between the two was brief, but filled with chemistry, and the film left us wanting more (and amped to watch Thor: Ragnarok), right as Doctor Strange confidently offered to assist Thor.

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Those people who know what it’s like to be the go-to-guy to others will definitely identify with this quote. It was the coolest delivery of the line the actor could’ve done, and now whenever there’s something you’re particularly confident about, you’ll be rising from your seat with the utmost surety and allowing your assistance. Just remember not to offer any tea.

4 "If I Tell you What Happens, It Won't Happen"

The most recent quote in this list was one of the very few lines Doctor Strange had in Avengers: Endgame. However, he killed it with this line, as we knew straightaway something more was afoot. At the time of this scene, the audience hoped Strange would confirm to Iron Man that what was happening there was the “1 in 14,000,605”, but the Doctor remained coy.

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Now, the line has gone down as one of the best lines from Strange, since it has dual sides to it. The first time we watched it, we thought he wasn’t revealing the outcome because it would ruin their chance; the reality was that Strange knew Iron Man had to die for the one chance in victory to be achieved.

3 "I think you'll find our will equal to yours"

Thanos’ dream match-ups for Avengers: Infinity War involved Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, and Doctor Strange. Everyone knew Doctor Strange was the most powerful superhero due to his magic, and him locking horns with Thanos was highly anticipated. The fight itself was incredible, and is the most rewatchable fight of Infinity War.

The pre-asskicking one-liner by Doctor Strange has also been inducted in the quotes hall of fame, as he openly defied Thanos by nullifying the Mad Titan’s motivations for killing trillions. We somewhat sympathized with Thanos’ motivations, but all Doctor Strange needed to do to rally us back on his side was remind us that the heroes’ will was equal to Thanos.

2 "Pain's An Old Friend"

Like Tony Stark, Stephen Strange also suffered from an abnormally large ego, but he made up for it far sooner than Iron Man did. At the end of Doctor Strange, the titular hero was locked in a time loop with Dormammu, and the latter’s arguments that Strange would suffer for an eternity for people on Earth went without fear.

Doctor Strange countered that he’d had his fair share of pain and now saw the sensation as an old friend rather than an enemy. It’s one of those lines you use when speaking of Doctor Strange, as it showcases the selflessness he as, and the remarkable character development he went through.

1 "I've Come to Bargain"

Doctor Strange vs Dormammu

You knew this would be the top of the list as soon as you read the title. This quote is synonymous with Doctor Strange and always will be, no matter how many years pass by. Whoever watched the film and left the theater had this quote in a loop on their lips.

Doctor Strange’s bargain with Dormammu really “made” the film. It added that edge every superhero movie needs to stand out on its own. The internet is filled with “I’ve come to bargain” memes and clips, and we have no doubt you’ll be repeating it yourself now that it’s in your head, too.

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