Doctor Strange Set Photos: Benedict Cumberbatch's Costume in Action

Doctor Strange Benedict Cumberbatch Costume

Following the trend established during Phase Two of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there are not one but two Marvel Studio films releasing this year. The first is the vigorously hyped Captain America: Civil War, in which opposing factions led by Iron Man and Captain America will square off. The second is Doctor Strange, a film that will establish the more mystical side of the MCU - an area where many of Marvel's current cinematic roster would be found wildly out of their element.

Since unveiling our first look at Benedict Cumberbatch in his full Doctor Strange attire (looking as he had stepped straight off the comic book page) a smattering of set photos and videos have appeared online, giving an even better impression of how Cumberbatch will embody the role of Marvel's Sorcerer Supreme. As filming continues this weekend in New York City, more photos have cropped up which feature not only Cumberbatch but also his Doctor Strange co-star Chiwetel Ejiofor (playing Baron Mordo).

Take a look below at a handful of set photos depicting Strange and Mordo suited up and ready for battle.

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