'Doctor Strange' Director Shares Benedict Cumberbatch Fan Art

Doctor Strange Movie Logo Official

He has yet to be introduced on screen but one future member of The Avengers worth getting excited about is Doctor Strange, the sorcerer supreme. After years of hearing about interest in the character and project from Marvel executives, the master of mysticism promises to open the Marvel Cinematic Universe to quantum mechanics, string theory, parallel dimensions in November 2016.

Much like Guardians of the Galaxy blew open the cosmic side of the MCU, Doctor Strange will do the same with magic, and playing the brilliant neurosurgeon will be Benedict Cumberbatch. By now, you may have seen seen loads of fan-art of Cumberbatch as Stephen Strange or perhaps of other rumored actors in the part - robes, facial hair and all - but today we have our first sort of tease of Benedict's Marvel look from the film's director, Scott Derrickson. Specifically, we have more fan artwork which hints at Cumberbatch's Doctor Strange facial hair.

Below is a tweet Derrickson shared earlier today, without explaining that it's unofficial and without even knowing who made it, which sent some fans and media into a bit of a stir. He later found out who made it (Don Franco) and shared the info.

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