Doctor Strange's Alternate Stan Lee Cameos Revealed

Stan Lee Cameo In Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn has revealed some alternate Stan Lee cameos he shot on behalf of Doctor Strange helmer Scott Derrickson. As the co-creator of so many significant Marvel comic book characters throughout the years, Lee has become the undisputed king of cameos with appearances in Marvel movies for Universal, Paramount, Disney, Fox and Sony. These days, he's been the busiest with films in Marvel Studios' Marvel's Cinematic Universe, most recently appearing in Gunn's blockbuster sequel Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

As it turns out – on Doctor Strange at least – Lee is game to shoot several cameos for his Marvel movie appearances. In a Facebook post Tuesday, Gunn reveals that while shooting Lee's scene for Derrickson's Doctor Strange, he filmed three additional cameos featuring the Marvel icon other than the one that made the final cut of the film (where the Marvel icon is laughing at the The Doors of Perception).

In one of the alternate takes, Gunn says, Lee was reading a book and asking somebody what his trademark word "excelsior" meant; while another simply features Lee throwing his head back and laughing, questioning his sanity and why he's laughing. The third alternate scene was inspired by a Garfield the cat book, which Gunn says was actually in Doctor Strange for awhile before it was cut for length. See Gunn's descriptions of the cameos in his Facebook post below:

Now that Gunn has revealed that Lee is willing to shoot alternate takes with his cameos, fans will undoubtedly start to wonder what other footage of Lee is out there. And with many more Lee cameos on the horizon (including cameos Gunn filmed of him for Spider-Man: Homecoming and Thor: Ragnarok), you can't help but wonder if a video release of Stan Lee's Lost Cameos is somewhere on the horizon. If anything, we'll have Gunn to tell us how many alternate takes there were on Guardians, Spider-Man and Thor films he worked on.

Of course, fans will always be able to treasure the cameos we already have of Lee – and no matter how long or short each of his appearances are, they are always fun to watch and oftentimes elicit laughs, if not hoots and hollers from the audience. Lee's cameos quite simply have become an entertaining staple that audiences have come to expect in Marvel films, and rightfully so. That's because, without Lee, along with such co-creators as Steve Ditko and Jack Kirby, there would be no Marvel superheroes.

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Source: James Gunn

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