A Theory On How Doctor Strange 2 Can Use Time Travel

We have a theory for how Doctor Strange 2 could incorporate time travel. When the Marvel Cinematic Universe introduced magic in 2016's Doctor Strange, they opened the doors to several different possibilities. The movie briefly explored the ideas of a multiverse and other dimensions, but the finale also started to tease how it is possible to mess with time. Doctor Strange used the Time Stone to set a time loop over Dormammu so that he could not finish taking over Earth.

With the power of the Time Stone, Strange was then able to see 14,000,605 futures in Avengers: Infinity War to find the one where the Avengers were able to stop Thanos. As Avengers: Endgame showed, this had to be done using time travel since Thanos destroyed the Infinity Stones in the main MCU timeline. The remaining Avengers instead traveled to the past through the Quantum Realm to gather the stones for themselves. Strange's ultimate plan worked as the Avengers did save the day and stop Thanos, but it did come at a price.

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The loss of Tony Stark aka Iron Man is significant, but as far as Doctor Strange is concerned, it is the loss of the Infinity Stones that could prove to be troublesome. He no longer has the Time Stone under his control, which could lead to Dormammu making another attempt to take Earth. Such an invasion would be more difficult for Strange to stop now, and in the newest Screen Rant video, we lay out our theory for how Doctor Strange 2 could involve time travel. Watch the video above for the details, or continue reading for a breakdown of the theory.

The basis for Strange needing to use time travel is part of the broader theory for what Doctor Strange 2 could be about. If Dormammu does decide to try and take over Earth again, then Strange will need more help to stop him since he no longer has the Time Stone. The theory states that Strange could call upon the Sorcerer Supreme's from different realities to work together and stop Dormammu. But, he could also access the Quantum Realm and use it to travel to the past and recruit a younger version of the Ancient One.

Many may be wary of seeing the MCU dive back into time travel so soon after Avengers: Endgame, especially after the discourse over whether or not it makes sense. One major question that this time travel plot would raise is what would happen to the Ancient One after going to the future. She would have to return to the past to avoid creating an alternate MCU reality, but she would then know what happens after she dies. This is all just a theory at the moment though, and Doctor Strange 2's plot could be completely different and have no place for time travel. With Marvel Studios heading to San Diego Comic-Con later this summer, it may not be long before these details are confirmed.

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