15 Villains We Need To See In Doctor Strange 2

Nightmare Shuma-Gorath Satana Doctor Strange Villains

The premiere of Doctor Strange earlier this month finally brought the Sorcerer Supreme into the MCU. While his world saw a few changes from the comics, it was a fairly faithful adaptation of the story of Stephen Strange and the magical universe he inhabits. The movie even managed to overcome one of Marvel’s few flaws by providing us with an intriguing villain who, while vanquished, is unlikely gone for good.

When Mads Mikkelsen was first cast in Doctor Strange, theories quickly began forming in the minds of fans as to who the intense actor would be playing. Best known for portraying the infamous Hannibal Lecter, we soon learned Mikkelsen would be playing the somewhat minor comic villain Kaecilius. The role was more than it first appeared, however, as the film showed us that Kaecilius was in league with one of Doctor Strange’s greatest foes, Dormammu. Given the film’s success so far, diehard and casual fans alike are already speculating about who the Sorcerer Supreme could face off against for the film’s inevitable follow-up. Here are 15 Villains We Need To See In The Doctor Strange Sequel.

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Amora the Enchantress and Skurge the Executioner Marvel Villain
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15 Amora the Enchantress

Amora the Enchantress and Skurge the Executioner Marvel Villain

Amora the Enchantress, not to be confused with Cara Delevingne's character from Suicide Squad, is just waiting to show up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby themselves in 1964 for Journey Into Mystery #103, the Enchantress is one of Thor’s most formidable foes. An Asgardian trained by the Norn Queen in the ways of the mystic arts, Amora can do everything from cast illusions and shoot energy blasts, to teleport and levitate. Her most frequently used ability, however, is her power to enthrall the mind, which she often uses on men.

While often associated with Asgardians, her magic means she's faced off against Doctor Strange a fair few times. On top of that, just about every other character related to her has already popped up on the big or small screen. Her and Loki have colluded quite often, and her frequent minion Skurge the Executioner will be acting as a thorn in Thor and Hulk’s side in next year’s Thor: Ragnarok. Even her sister, Lorelei, came to Earth to battle with Coulson and the rest of his S.H.I.E.L.D. crew. The MCU needs some strong, female villains added to its cast, and Amora the Enchantress would be a great addition to the magical side of the universe.

14 Lorelei

Lorelei Agents of SHIELD Marvel Asgardian

Like her older sister Amora, Lorelei is a villainous Asgardian trained in the mystical arts. Appearing in the comics a good 20 years after her big sis, Lorelei was created by Walt Simonson as yet another female foe for Thor and a partner in crime for Loki. While she’s a sorcerer like her sister, Lorelei’s powers are far less wide-ranging than Amora’s. Like the Enchantress, Lorelei is fond of mind-controlling men, be they mortal or god. Focusing mostly on love spells and potions, Lorelei is known to be able to seduce any man on which she sets her sights. This could prove especially complicated for Stephen Strange, and lucky for us, she already exists in the MCU.

Played by Elena Satine, Lorelei proved troublesome for the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. when she used her powers to cause chaos in the season 1 episode “Yes Men.” True to the comics, she’s an Asgardian sorcerer with the ability and proclivity to ensnare men’s minds and force them to do her bidding. Though she manages to control a number of male S.H.I.E.L.D. agents and an entire chapter of the Dogs of Hell biker gang, the team is ultimately able to defeat her with the help of Sif. Lorelei now sits in an Asgardian cell, waiting to make the jump from TV to the movies -- should Marvel president Kevin Feige and director Scott Derrickson deem her worthy.

13 The Mindless Ones

Doctor Strange Mindless Ones

The Mindless Ones have a long history with the Sorcerer Supreme in the comics, and thanks to a little Easter egg towards the end of Doctor Strange, it looks like the same will hold true in the movies. Created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko in 1964 for Strange Tales #127, the Mindless Ones are hulking demons with incredible strength and durability, thick, rocky hides, and a single, glowing red eye capable of unleashing blasts of energy. As their name implies, they also lack intelligence, and are instead controlled by whoever holds sway over them. In the comics, their master is often Dormammu, and their home is the Dark Dimension.

With both their longtime manipulator and their frequent residence both playing a significant role in Doctor Strange, it was always a safe bet that the Mindless Ones would appear in a follow-up film to cause trouble for Stephen Strange. But keen viewers know that we don’t even have to wait that long. When Strange makes his pact with Dormammu at the climax of the film, we see Kaecilius and the Zealots spirited away to the Dark Dimension. As they're being transported, however, they begin to mutate into dark, bulky creatures with a cycloptic red eye. Sure enough, we’re witnessing the transformation of the dark sorcerers into Mindless Ones, meaning the menace and tragic existence of these creatures are bound to play a role in the film’s sequel.

12 Null the Living Darkness

Null the Living Darkness Doctor Strange Marvel Villain

Almost a singular inverse of the Mindless Ones, Null the Living Darkness is a powerful mystical and psychic force that would make a worthy foe for Doctor Strange. Created in 1982 by J.M. DeMatteis and Don Perlin for Defenders #103, it’s unlikely that we’ll see the multi-eyed/-tentacled Null floating around the streets of New York and battling the Netflix heroes in their upcoming series. Given Null’s massive list of magical abilities, though, the entity would serve as a great foe for the Sorcerer Supreme to face off against.

Formed by the collective minds of the extinct S'Raphh race (who just so happen to have formerly inhabited our moon), Null can teleport, become intangible, possess people, and even bring back the dead and control corpses. If Scott Derrickson continues to use the Doctor Strange franchise to explore the more spooky and supernatural side of the MCU, Null the Living Darkness could act as an eerie conduit to channel some morbid action scenes for Earth’s magical protector.

11 Blackheart

Blackheart Marvel Villain

Blackheart may not have the MCU connections of some of the other villains on this list, but he’s no stranger to Marvel films. While opinion seems divided on Columbia’s Ghost Rider series starring Nicholas Cage as Johnny Blaze, it still gave us our first live action versions of Blackheart and his father Mephisto. Marvel Studios would rather avoid any connection to that franchise, meaning Blackheart is unlikely to square off against Blaze or Robbie Reyes in the MCU. Thanks to his magical powers and demonic lineage, however, he’d make for the perfect foil for Stephen Strange.

In the comics, Mephisto creates Blackheart from the psychic evil that surrounds the town of Christ Crown, New York, whose centuries of murder and violence have peaked the Dark Lord’s curiosity. Once formed, he battles frequently with Daredevil, Spider-Man, and Ghost Rider. Though season 2 of Daredevil introduced more mystical elements into the character’s mythos, it’s still unlikely that the shape shifting and reality warping Blackheart will battle with Matt Murdock. The sequel to Doctor Strange, however, which is sure to ramp up its horror themes, would be the perfect place for the Son of Satan to wreak havoc.

10 Morgan le Fay

Morgan le Fay Marvel Villain

Based on the character from Arthurian legend, versions of Morgan le Fay exist in both Marvel and DC Comics. The Marvel incarnation was first created by Stan Lee in 1955 for Black Knight #1, then published by Atlas Comics. After Atlas became Marvel, Morgan le Fay was brought into the fold to face off against Spider-Woman, starting in the second issue of her titular comic in 1978. Seemingly immortal and with a vast array of magical abilities, le Fay has used her faerie heritage and nefarious nature to cause trouble all across the Marvel Universe.

As one of Marvel’s most powerful female villains and a world-class magic user, Morgan le Fay would be a fantastic addition to a number of Marvel franchises. Given Thor’s packed roster and barring a Scarlet Witch solo film, however, le Fay seems like a shoo-in for a future appearance in a Doctor Strange film. Not only does she possess the mystical chops to give Strange a hard time, her history and look are all steeped in the macabre. The inclusion of Morgan le Fay into Derrickson’s franchise would provide a lot of great visual opportunities to expand the morbid side of the MCU.

9 Aarkus /D’Spayre

Aarkus the Vision Doctor Strange Marvel Comics D'Spayre

This entry would involve a little bit of that old MCU origin twisting. Given Marvel and Derrickson’s willingness to alter the origins of a number of Doctor Strange characters, it doesn’t seem out of the realm of possibility that the studio and director would pull out a couple of deep cuts like Aarkus and D’Spayre to give Strange a different sort of villain for his next adventure.

In the comics, Aarkus is the real name of the original Vision. First appearing in Marvel Mystery Comics #13 in 1940 back when the company was still Timely Comics the character looked like a mix between the Silver Age Vision and DC’s similar Martian Manhunter. Also know as Aarkus, he's an extra-dimensional cop of sorts from Smokeworld. During a mission with Captain America’s Invaders, Aarkus comes into contact with the Cosmic Cube (aka the Tesseract aka the Space Stone in the MCU). Transformed into the demon D’Spayre, a personification of, you guessed it, despair, Aarkus is eventually restored by Doctor Strange. With some slight tweaking, the dual character could make for an interesting foe for Strange, as he could first meet Aarkus as a friend before having to fight/save him as D’Spayre.

8 Mephisto

Mephisto Sympathy

Why settle for the Son of Satan, Blackheart, when the sequel to Doctor Strange could see the Sorcerer Supreme battling Mephistopheles himself. Known to his friends as Mephisto, the demonic villain isn’t exactly Satan, but rather a close proxy based on the Faust legend and created by Stan Lee, naturally. Mephisto frequently intervenes in Earthly affairs, causing chaos and striking deals. He’s integral to the creation of Johnny Blaze and Danny Ketch (though retconning makes it difficult to discern whether it was actually Mephisto or Satan himself), and has battled Doctor Strange quite a few times.

Mephisto is one of those characters that fans have been clamoring to see in the MCU for some time, and the Doctor Strange franchise would make for the perfect place to introduce the devilish rogue. Given how Marvel twisted the origins of the Asgardians to play on their mythology while also separating them from it, we could see something similar happen with Mephisto as we learn that the trickster is responsible for many Earth legends about Satan and his minions.

7 Satana

Satana Marvel Villain Doctor Strange

Whereas Blackheart is the son of a pseudo-Satan, Satana (and her somewhat more heroic brother Daimon Hellstrom) are actually the children of the Devil. While Marvel retconning has attempted to tweak this a bit and the MCU is unlikely to actually introduce the Christian villain, Satana is nonetheless a half-demon succubus with a number of psychic and supernatural abilities.

Created by Roy Thomas and John Romita, Sr. for Vampire Tales #2 in 1973, Satana and her brother were born in Massachusetts before discovering their demonic heritage. With control over fire and magic, and the power to drain the souls and energy of men, Satana is more than a match for Stephen Strange. Recently appearing in the mobile games Marvel’s Future Fight and Marvel Avengers Academy, the House of Ideas may just be priming fans for an MCU appearance. Satana has also fought for the side of good occasionally, giving her the nuance and complexity needed to follow some of Marvel’s great villains like Loki and Kingpin.

6 Shuma-Gorath

Shuma-Gorath from Doctor Strange

During the dawn of humanity, Shuma-Gorath was an extra-dimensional being that ruled the world and demanded sacrifice. Though banished and defeated many times, the creature remains one of the Earth’s (and Doctor Strange’s) greatest foes. First mentioned by Robert E. Howard in 1967’s The Howard Collector #9, Shuma-Gorath made its Marvel debut a few years later during 1972’s Marvel Premier #5.

Over the course of several issues, Shuma-Gorath was introduced as an adversary for Doctor Strange, even possessing Strange’s mentor, the Ancient One. Eventually, Strange kills the Ancient One to destroy the creature, thus becoming the new Sorcerer Supreme. Though the Ancient One passes under different circumstances in Doctor Strange, it’s not hard to imagine the creature being awakened or freed during all the dimension hopping and reality warping that took place during the first film. As a regular pain in the Doctor’s backside, it’s unlikely that one of the next films in the franchise won’t introduce Shuma-Gorath in some manner.

5 Lilith

Daughter of Dracula Lilith Mother of Monsters Marvel

While the Lilith of DC Comics is the hero known as Omen, the name is additionally held by two villains from Marvel Comics. The first Lilith is one of the daughters of Dracula, and first appeared in 1974’s Giant-Size Chillers featuring Curse of Dracula #1. Given her vampiric nature and connection to the supernatural side of Marvel, the character has often appeared facing off against heroes like Ghost Rider and Doctor Strange. While her paternal heritage might make her a bit too complicated to include in the MCU, she could still serve as a great introduction to the world of vampires in the Marvel films, which would hopefully lead to the eventual arrival of Blade.

If Marvel isn’t keen on the first Lilith, the second one might be more up their alley for the sequel to Doctor Strange. Appearing in Ghost Rider #28 in 1992, Lilith is an original habitant of Atlantis and was there as the city fell into the sea. Using her sorcery, she created a number of monstrous children, the Lilin, that she holds sway over. In the comics, she’s come to blows with Strange a number of times, and her ability to summon monsters and demons would provide the Doctor’s next film with plenty of supernatural action. Whether it’s the Daughter of Dracula or the Mother of Monsters, either Lilith would fit right in during the Sorcerer Supreme’s next outing.

4 Dormammu

Doctor Strange - Dormammu

While newcomers to the world of Doctor Strange now know the name Dormammu thanks to the film, comic fans will be more than happy to tell you that his long history and incredible power-set mean that he’s unlikely to be satisfied with a mere cameo appearance. Like many of Strange’s greatest foes, Dormammu was created in the '60s by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. First appearing in Strange Tales #126 in 1964, the Dormammu of the comics saw himself fairly faithfully adapted when he joined the MCU. Like in the film, Dormammu is an extra-dimensional being who hails from the Dark Dimension and possesses immeasurable power. He often sows enmity using proxies, such as dark sorcerers or his hordes of Mindless Ones.

Though Derrickson and company will most likely not want to repeat themselves in the sequel, it’s likely that Dormammu could play a role similar to Thanos by constantly manipulating events behind the scenes. While the Sorcerer Supreme wasn’t quite strong enough during his first encounter with Dormammu, it’s safe to assume that by the hypothetical third or fourth Doctor Strange film, our hero will be ready to have an actual mystical battle against one of his greatest foes. The only question is whether Benedict Cumberbatch will once again provide the motion capture for the character.

3 Nightmare

Nightmare Doctor Strange Marvel Villain

While the previous entries on this list have been pure speculation, Nightmare is a character with a strong chance to appear in the sequel to Doctor Strange. Before the film had even debuted, director Scott Derrickson expressed his desire to introduce Nightmare and his realm, the Dream Dimension, into the cinematic Doctor Strange mythos. Appearing as the first villain Strange had to face in 1963’s Strange Tales #110, Nightmare is right behind Stephen’s longtime villains Dormammu and Baron Mordo on the list of villains he needs to face in a movie. Given that the latter two have already appeared, and coupled with the director’s love of the character, it’s hard to imagine the sequel not including the rogue.

Nightmare’s ability to draw power from people’s dreams and his home of the Dream Dimension might be the only thing that could enable the Doctor Strange sequel to be even trippier than the original. The entire first film showed that Marvel wasn’t afraid to do some serious reality-hopping, so the possibilities of what a world of dreams and nightmares might entail make this baddie quite the enticing add to the MCU.

2 Yellowjacket

Ant-Man vs Yellowjacket

If you just did a spit take, no one would blame you. Yellowjacket has never faced off against Doctor Strange in the comics. In fact, both the Yellowjacket and Darren Cross of Marvel Comics are quite different than how they appeared in the MCU. Still, the case for Ant-Man’s former foe facing off against the Sorcerer Supreme is an exciting one with a major piece of connective tissue.

To thwart his neon-colored enemy in the finale of last year’s Ant-Man, Scott Lang traps Darren Cross in the Quantum Realm. Given its appearance in the film and the way other dimensions look in Doctor Strange, combined with Kevin Feige’s comments last year, the idea of Strange interacting with the Quantum Realm in a future film is all but given. Imagine how cool it would be to see Strange traversing one of the many planes of existence only to encounter a still-living Yellowjacket, possibly infused with mystical energy. Marvel has always done a great job with character and costume design, but Yellowjacket’s suit is definitely a standout. It would be a shame to never see the character again, so barring a return in Ant-Man & the Wasp, seeing Yellowjacket appear even as a minor villain in the sequel to Doctor Strange would be an exciting way to connect two worlds and give us one more look at that glorious suit.

1 Baron Mordo

Doctor Strange - Chiwetel Ejilofor's Baron Mordo's Backstory Explained

The Mozart to Strange’s Salieri, Karl Amadeus Mordo saw his origin tweaked a bit for Doctor Strange. First appearing in the comics in 1963's Strange Tales #111, Mordo was one of many disciples of the Ancient One. Like in the film, he eventually breaks with his (her in the movie) teachings and turns to the dark side. Mordo has long served as one of Strange’s most frequent rogues, but his MCU version is a bit more nuanced.

In the film, Mordo is a teacher at Kamar-Taj and helps train Stephen. They slowly become friends and fight together against the forces of evil in the film’s climax. The post-credits scene, however, showed us that his disillusionment with the Ancient One and her disciples had led him down a darker path. Marvel has a spotty track record with villains, but its best ones are given depth and subtlety. Mordo’s arc in the first film demonstrates that Feige, Derrickson, and the rest of Marvel Studios are interested in exploring this villain’s prolonged journey. Though there’s likely to be a bigger bad in the sequel, Mordo in the MCU will likely share a fate similar to Loki’s, and always be tied up with our hero’s trials and tribulations. And with an actor like Chiwetel Ejiofor bringing the character to life, we're very much on board with that.


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