Doctor Strange Director Teases Possible Movement on the Sequel

Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson hints at a major development coming for Doctor Strange 2 in September. Poised to be one of the key superheroes of the MCU moving forward, many were excited to finally learn that a sequel is finally in the cards for Marvel Studios. Prior to that, there wasn't any talk about a possible follow-up to Stephen Strange's origin story, with Benedict Cumberbatch even casting doubts on his future in the MCU. It turned out that he was just being coy about his character's fate given that by the end of Avengers: Infinity War, he was among the unfortunate half of the universe who perished after Thanos snapped his fingers.

Despite currently being a pile of dust, fans can expect that the Sorcerer Supreme will be resurrected one way or another come Avengers 4. Aside from the fact that he was able to see how the whole Thanos debacle will possibly end - indicating that he's there to witness it in the future - there are still more stories left to tell involving the character. And from the looks of it, people won't have to wait long to see his next solo movie, given Derrickson's latest social media tease about Doctor Strange 2.

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Taking to his official Instagram account, Derrickson posted a Doctor Strange comic panel with the cryptic caption: "'Not my will, but thine be done...' See you in September." Evidently, it's far from any concrete information but people are convinced that it's the director's way of hinting at a massive development with regard to Doctor Strange 2. Check out the filmmaker's post below:

“Not my will, but thine be done...” See you in September.

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Considering that the movie was just confirmed last month, it's more likely that Derrickson is teasing about the start of pre-production rather than actual filming. Whatever the case may be, it leaves the project plenty of time to be ready by 2020. With the growing popularity of Doctor Strange thanks to his Infinity War stint, it makes sense that Marvel is looking to capitalize on the public's interest on the character by releasing his second solo outing sooner rather than later.

While one possible scenario would be for it to take over Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3's May slot given the controversy surrounding the firing of director James Gunn, it's not also outside the realm of possibility that it'll take Marvel's vacant July 2021 spot, or return to its usual November release in the same year.  It's important to note, however, that Marvel Studios has not released an official slate past next year's Spider-Man: Far From Home. It was just presumed that Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is hitting theaters May 2020 based on the updates provided by Gunn, not to mention the fact that the MCU tends to open the summer blockbuster season with their biggest offering that year.

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Source: Scott Derrickson/Instagram

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