Doctor Sleep Director Reveals Shining Sequel Has Wrapped Production

While King has never been a big fan of director Stanley Kubrick's 1980 film adaptation of The Shining starring Jack Nicholson, the masses have always disagreed, with Kubrick's Shining often being cited as perhaps the greatest horror movie ever. Doctor Sleep, King's 2013 sequel novel to The Shining, doesn't match the original when it comes to acclaim, but the book earned mostly good reviews from fans and critics. Now, Haunting of Hill House creator/director Mike Flanagan is set to bring an adaptation of Doctor Sleep to the big screen, one which will hopefully prove a worthy companion piece to Kubrick's classic film.

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Production on Flanagan's Doctor Sleep began back in September, and now, the director confirms via a recent Facebook post that the film has finished production. Interestingly, the producers involved had been trying to get a Doctor Sleep movie made for several years following the book's release, but were unable to get a greenlight from Warner Bros. until after IT came out last year and made $700 million at the box office. Maybe the delay worked out though, as Flanagan's resume in horror - Absentia, Oculus, Hush, etc. - makes him a great pick for the job. Check out his post below.

So that's a wrap on DOCTOR SLEEP! It's been a long, crazy, truly unique experience. I read the novel as soon as it came...

Posted by Mike Flanagan on Saturday, December 1, 2018

This won't be Flanagan's first time directing a King adaptation either, having helmed last year's acclaimed Netflix original movie version of Gerald's Game, a King story Hollywood had for decades believed to be unfilmable, Flanagan proved those beliefs wrong, and got a knockout performance out of lead actress Carla Gugino, who returned for Haunting of Hill House. Another Gerald's Game star, Bruce Greenwood, will play Dr. John Dalton in Doctor Sleep, continuing Flanagan's penchant for sticking with actors he likes. It's Flanagan's first time working with Ewan McGregor though, who stars in Doctor Sleep as an adult Danny Torrance.

While Doctor Sleep - both the book and film - are indeed sequels to The Shining, those unfamiliar with the story shouldn't expect a retread of Jack Torrance's adventures in the Overlook Hotel, as Doctor Sleep is far from the standard formulaic follow-up. That said, the movie does feature small roles for Wendy Torrance and physically gifted Overlook chef Dick Hallorann, the latter of which famously died in Kubrick's film, but survived King's book.

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Source: Mike Flanagan

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