Shining Sequel Doctor Sleep Adds Star Trek's Bruce Greenwood

Stephen King's Doctor Sleep movie gets a writer

Bruce Greenwood has been cast in Doctor Sleep, the forthcoming sequel to Stanley Kubrick's The Shining. Originally released in 1980, the movie adaptation of Stephen King's The Shining starred Jack Nicholson as Jack Torrance, who moves his family to the isolated Overlook Hotel and slowly begins to descend into madness. Although the movie was a massive success and went on to become one of the most iconic horror films of all time, King famously had a number of issues with Kubrick's adaptation, most of which resulted from changes to the source material.

One such change was that the supernatural powers of Jack's son Danny - the titular "Shining" - were more explicit in the book than the film and it is Danny who takes center stage in King's 2013 sequel, Doctor Sleep. Like its predecessor, Doctor Sleep is now getting a big screen interpretation, with Mike Flanagan (who also worked on King's Gerald's Game) set to direct. Ewan McGregor will portray the older Danny Torrance and Rebecca Ferguson has been cast as the villainous Rose The Hat, the leader of a cult who possess the power of the Shining. Doctor Sleep is currently slated for release in January 2020.

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Another addition to the Doctor Sleep cast has now been confirmed by Deadline, with Bruce Greenwood (Star Trek's Christopher Pike) set to appear as Dr. John. The experienced Canadian actor has had an extremely varied career on both the big and small screen and has developed somewhat of a reputation for being Hollywood's go-to man when it comes to casting a U.S. President.

Bruce Greenwood as Christopher Pike in Star Trek

Although there are no further details of Greenwood's character in Doctor Sleep, it seems likely that he'll be playing the movie's version of Dr. John Dalton. In the novel, Dalton is the family Doctor of Abra Stone, a young girl who Danny hopes to save from the evil clutches of Rose's cult. To achieve this, Danny attempts to convince Abra's family, and her Doctor, that the psychic abilities of the Shining are real. Although this would be a relatively minor role, Greenwood's casting will likely bring a sense of authority and gravitas to a movie that is heavy on the supernatural and that greatly ramps up the psychic themes of The Shining.

Doctor Sleep was well-received as a sequel to the book version of The Shining but given the differences made by Kubrick's film adaptation, that doesn't necessarily mean the forthcoming movie will follow suit. Although it shares characters, locations and themes, Doctor Sleep is a story quite separate from its predecessor and this could disappoint fans who are expecting a direct follow-up to the 1980 classic.

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Source: Deadline

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