Doctor Who: New Season 5 Trailers & Photos; Season 6 Confirmed

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With the fifth season premiere of Doctor Who less than a month away and the U.S. debut at WonderCon next weekend, BBC America has released what looks to be the final trailer we’ll be seeing for Doctor Who season 5.

If that’s not good enough, the BBC has also released their final trailer,with different scenes. Plus, there’s photos from the first episode as well as confirmation on what we all knew was coming – a 6th season.

While the two trailers from BBC and BBC America have some overlapping imagery, for the most part they’re different. The BBC trailer is narrated by the new companion, Amy Pond, while BBC America has chosen The Doctor himself to do the voice-over. The UK trailer gives a glimpse of what our previously posted set photos showed - filming at Stonehenge - while the U.S. trailer has a wonderful shot of the new Doctor’s sonic screwdriver, which we had previously reported on.

I could go on about the differences between the two trailers, but I think it would be easier to just show you. Plus, it’ll save me from having to write it all out and ultimately sounding like a more obsessive Doctor Who fanatic than usual.

Check out the trailers below.






Season 5 Premiere Photos

Even though they’re not the most revealing photos, we get to take a look at where the TARDIS finally lands after crashing through time and space in David Tennant’s series 4 finale “The End of Time”, as well as what looks to be the events that lead to The Doctor and Amy’s first interaction. As a bonus, we find out what kind of cell phone The Doctor prefers.

(Click on the photos for full-size versions)

Always knew The Doctor was a Blackberry type of guy.

I bet something strange and unusual is happening.

Never fear - The Doctor is here!

"Nobody puts Amy in the corner!"

Perfect setup for a "It's bigger on the inside" line

Isn't she a little young for someone 906 years old?

A Sixth Season In 2011

There’s no need to act surprised, we all knew this was coming, considering Neil Gaiman has said that he’s slated to write an episode in sixth season, but we’ve never had an official confirmation – until now. Doctor Who executive producer, Piers Wenger, confirmed that not only has the series been picked up for a 6th season (32nd including the past incarnations), but that Matt Smith will for sure be returning as The Doctor.

Hopefully, viewers will enjoy his performance as the dual-heart time traveler because he’s now in it for the long haul. With production already finished for the fifth season, the cast and crew begin filming the Christmas special in July.

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What did you think of the trailers? Do you have a preference between the U.S. and UK versions? Are you excited about the new season or are you still on the fence? Did you know The Doctor was a fan of the Blackberry? Excited for a 6th season?

Catch the fifth season of Doctor Who when it premiers April 3 on BBC One (UK),  April 17 on BBC America (U.S.) and April 18 on ABC (Australia).

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Source: BBC America, Digital Spy and Gallifrey Base

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