Marvel's Doctor Doom Finally Removes His Mask, For [SPOILER]

The villainous Doctor Doom keeps his face hidden from his own people, but one Savage Avenger has earned its removal. Read our preview now!

Warning: Minor SPOILERS for Savage Avengers #8

The face of Doctor Doom known around the world is merely his mask, concealing the scarred wounds beneath it -- which is exactly how he wants it. But in his latest appearance, the Marvel Comics villain is finally persuaded to remove his mask at only a handful of words from the least likely equal: Conan the Barbarian. Yes, that one.

The Savage Avengers succeeded in their first mission to defeat the evil sorcerer Kulan Gath, slaying his giant evil god and sending Kulan back to his own world. The sorcerer implied their victory was hollow, somehow proclaiming he had achieved his 'true' purpose, and eventually the warriors would serve him. His ominous promise has been weighing heavily on Conan the Cimmerian's mind, perhaps due in part to Kulan Gath's amulet now worn around his own neck. An item of special meaning to Doctor Strange, since it is the Third Eye of Agamotto. But more importantly, an item that has earned Conan the respect of one of Marvel's most fickle and prideful villains.

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When Victor Von Doom discovered that Conan now had the amulet in his possession, he kidnapped the barbarian and had him brought to his fortress in Latveria. Naturally, Conan didn't appreciate the treatment... but when Doctor Doom invites Conan to dine with him, the stage is set for an odd twist, beginning in the preview for Savage Avengers #8. And if fans ever wondered what it would take for Doctor Doom to show his face, it turns out a barbarian's accusation of vanity was the answer:

Savage Avengers 8 Comic Cover
Savage Avengers 8 Comic Preview 1
Savage Avengers 8 Comic Preview 2
Savage Avengers 8 Comic Preview 3

It's nice to know that Doctor Strange is primarily interested in the safety of both Doctor Doom and Conan, apparently now messing with dark magic only the Sorcerer Supreme can appreciate. But as fans wait in anticipation of seeing just how right Strange actually is, and how Conan will react when faced with Victor Von Doom's apparently 'disfigured' visage, they can read the full solicitation details for the issue below. If we were putting money on Conan's reaction, something tells us the Cimmerian has seen a lot worse in his days.

  • Release Date: December 4th, 2019
  • Written by: Gerry Duggan
  • Art by: Patrick Zircher
  • Cover Art by: Valerio Giangiordano
  • Conan hates wizards, but this holiday he has to deal with both Dr. Strange & Dr. Doom. Ho-ho-holy $@#%! Can these three set aside their differences to deal with Kulan Gath, the name on the top of their naughty list?

Savage Avengers #8 will be available at your local comic book shop on December 4th, 2019.

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