15Took over the entire world...

Doctor Doom and Purple Man Zebediah Kilgrave

Doctor Doom has taken over the world on several occasions. Rather than using cosmic powers as he has in Secret Wars, there was one time where it was all thanks to a combination of magnificent scientific prowess and absolute cruelty. Victor kidnapped the

rel="noopener noreferrer">Purple Man (who was still a non-threatening D-lister at the time) in order to hook him up to machinery that would allow him to control the minds of everyone in the world. But first, Doom needed to make sure Purple Man knew his place. Kilgrave attempted to use his abilities to make Victor kill himself, but his will was too strong. No one had ever been able to resist Purple Man’s psychic abilities until right then. Kilgrave toed the line after that.

And then Doom took over the world and...actually made it a better place. The economy boomed, wars ended, and everybody loved him for it.

Doctor Doom is defeated by Namor
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