Noah Hawley Met With Kevin Feige About His Doctor Doom Movie

Noah Hawley has met with Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige about his Doctor Doom movie. For the last several decades, 20th Century Fox has owned the film rights to major Marvel characters like the X-Men and Fantastic Four, as well as those who are mostly associated with them. This included one of Marvel Comics' most nefarious villains, Victor Von Doom aka Doctor Doom. He's been brought to life three times before on the big screen, but none of these interpretations did him justice.

Fans of the masked madman received potentially great news in 2017 when Fargo and Legion creator Noah Hawley revealed that he was writing a solo film for Doctor Doom at Fox. The possibility of giving the villain a starring role intrigued many, but that was before Disney began the process of buying Fox's TV and film assets, which will send their Marvel characters (like Doom) back to Marvel Studios. The deal raised plenty of doubts that Doctor Doom would still happen, but there may be a sliver of hope still.

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Hawley recently spoke to THR and the outlet asked him about the status of the film. Even though it's not close to getting the official greenlight, Hawley did reveal that he met with Feige recently. Hawley revealed that Feige asked him if he was still working on the script, to which he replied by saying, "Should I still be working on it?" Unfortunately, no concrete answer was given by Feige, and Hawley is not sure when (or if) the movie will move forward, but he did go on to share some plot details.

The acclaimed writer previously stated that his Doctor Doom film would be a "mixture of genres" that was inspired by Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Now, he specifically mentioned a geopolitical thriller is what he has in mind for the film, which would follow an already powerful Doom who has put a dome over Latveria, the fictional country he rules. After closing his country off from the rest of the world, he invites a female journalist to come to Latveria and be his voice to the world. These details come after Hawley also confirmed that his script was almost done, so this is surely the pitch Feige heard if they discussed any details during this meeting.

Feige and Hawley meeting about Doctor Doom could mean many things, but at the very least it's a sign that it hasn't been shelved entirely at this point. This could be a sign that Feige has interest in doing a solo movie for Doctor Doom and wants to see if Marvel Studios would be able to work with Hawley to bring both of their visions to life. But, considering Hawley's established profile on the small screen, maybe Doctor Doom could find a home on Disney Plus as a mini-series instead. Either way, the possibility of Doom getting a solo project to kick off his tenure in the Marvel Cinematic Universe could be a great move.

That said, any details or future announcements on Doctor Doom may still be a ways off. The Disney-Fox deal will officially close next week, but Feige's confirmed Marvel Studios won't announce their future films until after Avengers: Endgame and Spider-Man: Far From Home are released this summer. So, if Hawley's Doctor Doom is going to happen under the watchful eye of Feige, we won't know until later this year, at best.

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Source: THR

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